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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ah, the ballad of the broken scale. Well, I don't think it's broken, but my house might be.

So I get up this morning and am dreading the weigh-in anyway. I know I'm likely going to be up because of the long weekend, and the food and the alcohol. However, I also rocked out a couple of really long walks, upped my swimming laps and exercised when I didn't plan on it this past week, so anything could happen, right? Essentially if I look at my week, I calorie cycled - I had a couple of really high days, and a couple of low days - so it should have all balanced out - theoretically.

I pulled out the scale (a digital WW model) and stepped on...297.6. OK - I'm up. Grrr. Totally disappointed in myself. But when I stepped off the scale I felt it rock a little on the feet. My bathroom floor is totally uneven and warped from old water damage, so I bent over and jiggled the scale a bit - sure enough, it only had 3 feet on the ground. Now I know it's supposed to auto correct, but the perfectionist in me couldn't handle a wonky weigh-in, so I moved the scale and stepped on again.

296.9 - OK - I'm still up, but that's a better number. I step off - it wobbles again. For the love of everything holy! Can I not find a sturdy spot in my whole bathroom? Apparently not. And just to prove my theory, I step on again - 299.2. Clearly this is not right. New place on the floor, off and on, off and on - every single time I'm getting a different number.

I finally give up on the bathroom and take the scale into the living room. It's carpeted. I know I shouldn't weigh-in on carpet because though all 4 feet rest on the ground properly, it most likely doesn't allow the scale to descend properly when I step on it (this is what I tell myself, but at this point I'm running late, I need to get in the shower, and I'm tired of getting on and off this darn thing). Oh well - it's Berber, so it's almost flat. And it's not like it's got a ton of padding under it. So on I go...

294.5. Wow. Uh, ok - now I can't believe it. So I get off and on again. 294.5. I try a third time. 294.5. Well three times the charm. I'll take it! That puts me at 15 pounds lost! I feel totally guilty. I feel like I cheated my week and I tricked the scale. So now I'm determined to do REALLY well this week to make up for it.

Next week though - I'm weighing in on the carpet first!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SHIRLS2010
    I'm glad I'm not the only scale mover!
    2835 days ago
  • KARVY09
    YAY! You got the correct result! Hehe!
    2838 days ago
    emoticon you are so funny! You earned those 15 lbs. girl!!!
    2838 days ago
    Ha, this cracked me up! Glad to know I'm not the only one who does "retakes" when the scale doesn't seem to be cooperating :)
    2844 days ago
    I think I need to move my scales to the carpet. Hey take the best reading you can get. I once weighed 15 pounds lighter at the doctor's office. Scales who can trust them?

    emoticon emoticon
    2844 days ago
    Jamie - if anyone tells you they don't weigh in stark naked and after they go potty - they're lying :) Well...unless you're weighing in at a WW meeting or something...that would just be embarrassing!
    2845 days ago
  • WYND10
    Oh look at that, you already got your award. Now, let's go for virtual calorie free martinis and do the happy dance shall we??? ;) emoticon
    2845 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/2/2010 2:37:12 PM
  • KARVY09
    My scale is fickle too! Glad yours finally gave you the right answer!
    2845 days ago
  • WYND10
    Oh man, you make me laugh :). I say if it says it it's true. Just weigh yourself in the same spot next week. I try to hit the same spot every time I weigh in, along with being naked as a jay bird and having just gone potty. That's my ritual. Probably TMI, but there you have it folks :). Congrats on your loss, and this means you're over 15lbs now! Woooooo. Go getchoo a new award!!
    2845 days ago
    Ha! Don't I know it JAZZYJAS. It happened to me right off the bat after my first 2 weeks on Spark. So frustrating. Glad that the trend seems to be down now - hopefully :)
    2845 days ago
    I often don't trust my scale but great work on the weigh in -- just remember this week one week where you put in tons of effort and it doesn't move...those come too.
    2845 days ago
  • 56_PICKLES
    emoticon I have one spot on the bathroom floor that I use because I get different readings in other places even though all the feet are on the floor. I figure if I use the same spot every time, I'll see the trend if not the actual weight.

    emoticon ~Zoe
    2845 days ago
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