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Memorial Day Wrap Up/June Goals/New Long Term Goal

Monday, May 31, 2010

I remember the fallen

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

My thoughts go out to all troops who have sacrificed so much for all of us. I miss my own soldier boy! I can't wait for him to get home so we can make babies!! LOL.

I have been looking forward to reading June goals from everyone allllll day. I haven't seen the first blog on it yet. I supposed everyone else is actually away from their computers today. Go figure. LOL emoticon

No parties for me. I'm getting my hair did and then coming back to the house to relax, so when some of yous get to writing your blogs, let me know. I love reading them. kthanx.

As for me

Weight lost: Is hard to tell. I got sick and my weight shot down to 224 on the 30th of April and then shot back up to 229 on the 1st of May. It took two weeks to see 224 again. I was 221 today so I lost weight! Victoriously!

My lowest weight of the month was 219.4. That was on my 12 hour day when I didn't get much to eat so......

I saw a glimpse of my goal weight for the month so I know it's achieveable. I just have to go down a point soon. Rats!

Two issues:

I gained back up this weekend from emotional eating. It seems I may not have the tourist job afterall. The CEO was ready to train me on the tours but the COO acts like he doesn't like me much. He asked me for my resume after I recieved a job offer from the CEO. So I dunno what to think. It had me stressed and upset. I feel that I could handle it and was psyched for it and now it's all up in the air. I sent him my resume and haven't heard a word yet. If I don't hear something by the end of the week I'm calling back demanding a logical explanation.

The other issue:

I am not sure exactly how low I'm going to actually get my calories. My friend MRSCARLY has also talked about this. We have the same exact stomach issues. She is having issues consuming less than 1500 and so am I. We both are hungry if we go below.

Alot of healthy folks can manage by snacking on yogurt, fruit, raw veggies, cottage cheese, or double fiber bread but I can't tolerate that stuff alone. It makes me gassy and bloated due to my stomach condition. I actually do better when I consume higher fats, alot of meat. I can't tolerate milk or soy and almond milk has no protein content. I may have to face the reality that I may never see a body fat % of 25% or below.

At this point I may declare than I will never eat below 1500 because I don't want to go hungry and even if I did, I would feel like I was on a diet. It would never last for me. So basically I willl just have to see how far this goes for me.

I have scaled the tracker down to a goal weight. My goal weight for my wedding which is 180. It's not skinny for my height, it's overweight. But I'd be a much happier bride at 180 than I would 220. I have 41 pounds to go!

My goal weight to kick of summer for the month of June is 215!! I love the thought of seeing 215 again! It's so exciting! emoticon

My strategy and main goal for this month is: Exercise!!!

I gotta do it. No excuses. I want to get two AP's per day (Activity Points)

That means I need to devote 25 minutes of moderate exercise, so I'm headed back to the base gym and hopping on an elliptical.

My goal is @ least 25 mins for 16/30 days this month
My second goal is one hour for 4/30 days this month

This means I'm basically shooting for exercise for 20/30 days for the month of June.

In summary:

CW 221
GW 180

June Goal - 215
Medium goal - 199 by my 30th B-day - 9/22/2010
Long-term goal - 180.

Keeping the Spark going!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Well, don't I feel special! I have been mentioned in a blog! Yay!

    Yea...I really went over calories today! I went to a BBQ and all hell broke loose. I feel okay about it, but man oh man my tummy is COMPLAINING!!!!! Wow...I hurt. So yea...I'm remembering why I don't splurge more often. Two reasons: I want to lose weight AND because it hurts too dang much!

    I like your goals, I think they are def. attainable. I agree with some of the other suggestions...I feel like since I can't go too low with the calories, I'm gonna try to burn a few extra hundred calories over the week. I'm already going to have to burn more calories throughout the week because I over did it today! Ah, it is a holiday, it is to be expected I suppose. I just need to learn that key word, "moderation". I will have to work on my goals too. I suppose now would be a good time!

    As for missing your soldier boy, it is hard, I'm sorry you (and him) have to go through this time without each other. It won't last forever and each day that passes is one day closer to him being home with you. It does get lonely and I wish I lived closer to hang out with you! emoticon

    Keep on sparkin, keep on trackin', and keep on keepin' on!
    2850 days ago
    emoticon If the calories are going to stay the same then maybe increasing exercise is how you will get there- you could be a cheap exercise bike (like $25) or elliptical trainer (some are about $100 or so) and then use it at home to get in some extra time but not stress your schedule out?

    Also I don't know if you are like me but in the summertime I eat a lot of fruit and usually feel so hot that I do not eat as much just naturally because I drink so much more!

    Good luck and I know in no time you will be standing in front of 215!!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    2850 days ago
    You can do it. The dietary restrictions make it harder I'm sure, but it's overcome-able.


    Haha and I posted a June/July goal/progress blog this morning.
    2850 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/31/2010 2:07:26 PM
    Have a great Memorial Day and a great June!!
    2850 days ago
    Oh I get the stress eating stuff...benn there and done that. I also get the fact you are hungry if ya go below the 1500.

    I like you have found protein really, really helps. I have always tried to eat low fat and I think my body just got used to it. Recently I have "tricked" the 'ole bod by mixing things up and concentrating on a low carb plan. I am not talking radical like some low carb plans but a sensible one. My body is once again dropping the pounds. I think it had to do with cutting out the sugar. It was really tough for me cuz me loves sugar...but I decided to "just do it". I had headaches for a couple days but man oh man do I feel better. Anyways nuff talking about me.

    Sorry you miss your soldier that is something I do understand, it is SO hard. THANK YOU to you and your hubby for your service. I truly believe it's a family sacrifice!

    Love and hugs this Memorial Day!
    2850 days ago
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