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I Am Stumped

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What is it about running that has me so disinterested in any other exercise? I am shocked that I have a one track mind when it comes to exercise these days. And I am dismayed because I really know that I need to do more than just run in order to stay fit. I just don't seem to be able to snap out of this single-mindedness.
For one thing the weather is warmer and the days are longer so I have gotten out of the habit of taking my gym clothes with me and going to the gym before I head home. It's not just the weather or the daylight though. I am not interested. And I am angry at myself for losing that momentum. I am resolute about only running 3 days a week because I do not want to get injured and I know how much stress running puts on my body. And I know that my job has me sitting still all day which is incredibly unhealthy. So why oh why do I seem to be talking myself out of going to the gym. My previous arrangement always worked for me. What is going on in this head of mine?

I feel like I am going through a mid-exercise crisis.
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    Yup. Getting outdoors is great, too. It's good to watch for potential injory, so mix it up.
    2498 days ago
  • KLONG8
    I know, I know. Running is amazingly addictive. I had to give it up and I still feel that walking (even at a good pace) isn't really exercise. Its keeping me from falling apart but it just feels that it doesn't count. Someone mentioned taking their weights outside & I just might try that! Thanks for the idea.
    2503 days ago
    So - I know you're in love with running which is awesome but if you decide to try something to break it up then Zumba may be just the thing. I did my first class last night with some friends. Granted - it's an odd location but I love all the random people gathering together and the instructors are great. Their bodies are insane! I had so much fun with the music and just dancing that I didn't realize how much of my body I was really working. (Side note: I have no rhythm and am not a good dancer but still had a great time) When I stepped out of bed this morning I realized how hard I worked and how much I used my core. Good stuff and very fun. We're going to try to go next Wednesday so let me know if you ever decide to drop by then let me know and maybe we can meet up. I don't know if it's way out of your way but thought I'd throw it out there.

    Here's the link:

    Have a good day!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2515 days ago
    Just read your blog (think I will have to update being notified about when you write a blog, because I didn't know it until I read today's blog which I saw on the FF).
    If you are trying to remain outside, what about swimming? Is there an outdoor pool you could do a few laps? I agree with only running 3x a week because it can take such a toll on the knees, joints and feet. Another option could be doing some short 10 minute DVDs or even SP videos early in the AM before your day gets started. Maybe you could join and intramural sports team and play outside. Just a thought. emoticon
    2520 days ago
  • MARIE625
    I feel the same way. Even after 2 months of not running, nothing else satisfies. I can't even remember to put my HRM on when I go for a walk because walking "isn't exercise". If you figure out an answer, please, pass it along.
    2522 days ago
    I think this is a natural feeling at this time of year... if the sun is shining you want to be out running, am I right? Like someone else said, Spring Fever... makes sense to me!

    Remember, a strength training circuit shouldn't have to take any longer then 30 to 40 minutes to be considered effective... you don't have to spend your whole life in teh gym to get the benefits from ST! I have a bunch of ST stuff in my basement that I use when I don't feel like going to the gym... maybe you need to do something similar and make ST an easy part of your day :)

    Good Luck, I know you'll snap out of it! (PS... remind yourself of how much stronger of a runner lifting weights will make you!!! Trust me, muscle strength is important for runners too... it'll allow you to run longer without injury!)
    2523 days ago
    if you happen to have anything like a fitness ball or free weights at home, you could try my hubbie's method: He uses them in the back yard (or on the tiny covered deck if it's raining) so he's still outside on his non-running days.
    2524 days ago
    It too will pass. I know for me when the weather gets nice I have the same issue. Don't want to go the gym or exercise inside. lol... I'd say you are one of those addicted runners. You have got the bug and I am not sure there is anything wrong with it. emoticon
    I do think we go through phases and you have been so successful that I have no doubt you will continue on that path.
    A little flexibility to enjoy what you love is not a bad thing.
    Ps.. winter will be here again before we know it and we will be back inside. :)
    2524 days ago
    Well, congratulations on being so in love with running!!! Running is up there with the most effective and challenging exercises there is, so the fact that you do that regularly is huge! I agree that it's best to balance your exercise schedule (especially having a balance of cardio and strength training), but you will get into other things when you are ready. I know that all these habits seem to work in cycles for me so maybe you will enter a new cycle in which you have more interest in the other things, and in the meantime your running is most likely keeping you healthy.
    2527 days ago
    Can you try a new class at the gym or maybe do 2 classes to get that burn you get from running. I have the other problem and too much fun at the gym and trying to make myself go running.
    2528 days ago
    It's Spring Fever. LOL. I go through it sometimes. Your motivation will come back.
    2528 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/28/2010 12:57:07 PM
    I am definitely one-track when it comes to workouts, too. What helps me is to make a commitment to a class or to other people to do something other than running. Hubby bought us swimming passes, so we can do lanes and aquafit. Last month I had a personal trainer in-training who had me doing strength training.

    2529 days ago
    Louisa - I wish that I had one exercise that I was passionate about. I get so bored easily that it's frustrating. I'll be working on a new exercise plan this weekend - once again.
    2529 days ago
  • TRISH2229
    Wow it seems you and I were in a similar space last night! (same but different) emoticon I was tripping I know but I'm better today!
    I agree with Marenamoo that at least you are passionate about running. You do ST several times a week and running several times a week already so the cross training piece is what you're missing. How about an buying elliptical for your home? Also its summertime, is there a place you could swim laps?

    As far as the gym bag goes, pack two bags and leave one your car at all times so if time permits or the mood strikes you're prepared. If you use it then trade it out when you get home so you always have one in the car.

    You've had some distractions -trips and illness that hindered your routine workouts and it is difficult to resume activity and 'be present' in the moment when one's hearts not in it. Be patient with yourself as you are one determined woman and I know this won't beat you. It just takes a minute to get back into the groove. emoticon
    2529 days ago
    Well at least you still want to exercise! That's the bright spot...maybe you're just a running addict? LOL. The only thing that works for me in getting out of slumps is just doing it. I know it's not a great suggestion, especially when you don't feel like it, but I always try to envision how much better I'll feel after. I hope the slump passes soon!
    2529 days ago
    I think you will get to it soon. Just keep reminding yourself that it is important to your overall health.
    2529 days ago
  • CAM1325
    I am going through the same slump... started about a month or so ago. Just keep telling myself, this too will pass!!! Meanwhile, I am getting creative with my exercise. So far, working. But still not back into hitting the gym....
    2529 days ago
    I think, for me, the big draw to running is the endorphins and the clear-cut accomplishment of it, plus it just doesn't HURT as much as strength-training does (excepting running injuries). I'm absolutely terrible about cross-training (though I could see a bike in my future) or strength-training - none of it is as satisfying as running.
    2529 days ago
    I'm stumped too. I am sitting in my home gym right now but haven't exercised in here in over a month! I was sick for a while and now I just can't seem to get back into it. I do try to walk every day though. I'm sure you will fall back into it, you are doing awesome :)
    2529 days ago
    Maybe you're bored? I get like that sometimes and when I change the routine, try something new...it snaps me out of it...
    2529 days ago
    Well first off you should be so happy that you have an exercise that you are passionate about - many people would love to have that. For many - me included - any exercise is a chore. Second - I looked at your last goals report and you got all of your strength training in so you are doing other exercises. So I assume that you are talking about cardio only.

    A couple of thoughts - I like the power walking idea from ChristyK - no injury and still moving. There is the Quickfire team - they send daily 10 minute exercises that people at work can do - Jumping Jacks, wall pushups etc. What about biking - it is not at the gym - you live near the C&O.

    All-in-all with the running and the ST you are in a good place right now. You expect so much of yourself so don't beat yourself up about this.
    2529 days ago
    I have the same problem! I am trying to start a strength training program, but I really have no motivation to research the topic, I am just reading running articles...
    2529 days ago
    I quess when we like something we just do what we like no mater what. I habe a simular problem with the elliptical. I really need to add in weight training but at the Gym I do the elliptical mostly anf rarely get in any weight training.
    2529 days ago
    Keep reminding yourself that you need the cross training to be able to run farther and faster. It's tough, I know. I keep finding myself telling me little lies about "it's okay if I just run 20 minutes" Then I go look at my boot that I was stuck in for 3 months. And I get my bike out and go.

    Wanna borrow my boot?! emoticon
    2529 days ago
    Well from one who is practically chained to a desk all day to another, it is important to get out into the daylight and fresh air. What about alternating your running days with power walking with hand weights? Prevention.com has some walking plans and I'm sure there are others out there so you can PLAN your walking (intervals) workout and still enjoy the scenery. It's important to change our routines but it is hard when we enjoy them so much.

    I know that you will get through this with flying colors! emoticon
    2530 days ago
    Well, I'm not sure. I know you have a huge passion for running and I think that's awesome! Just look at where you were before running. Now you've found something you really love and you don't want to do anything else. I think a lot of us are like that with many things.

    I guess you just need to keep talking to yourself and reminding yourself that your body does need the other exercises. It's hard when you aren't interested but you were interested before. Look at all the things you've bought to have at home, plus your gym. I think you will get back to it with time. In the meantime, at least you are running! It's not like you lost interest in all activities so that's a huge plus.
    2530 days ago
    I know how you feel. Some days it's just hard to get in there. And I really have no excuse - my gym is AT work!
    2530 days ago
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