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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It is easy to procrastinate. "I'll pick it up later." "I'll go tomorrow." "I'll start my diet after I've been away for the weekend." Yet life is what happens to us while we are busy rationalizing our actions. I know. I've been fat nearly all my life.

I've always had a reason 'not' to do it. Friends were visiting. I was celebrating my birthday. I had apple danish in the fridge. And while I was busy finding reasons 'not' to do it, life passed me by.

There are very few photos of me with my daughter; I didn't want them taken until I'd lost weight. There are photos of us together on our wedding day about 13 years ago. There is a portrait of us together when she was in high school, maybe 7 years ago. And that's about it. I wouldn't even have my photo taken with her on her graduation day, because I was so fat all I could do was cry. The lack of photos saddens her, and that saddens me.

It is all too easy to buy into the hype that we are fed in advertisements, too. Olive Garden tells us, "When you're here, you're family." Hey, Olive Garden, I am family with my loved ones when I'm NOT there, too, you know! Or what about Coke's 1970's jingle, "It's the real thing..." I have to ask, how real is all of that processed sugar and caramel coloring? What about White Castle's, "It's what you crave?" Not me, White Castle. I crave being slender and healthy; will your fast food bring me that?

And then there's McDonald's, telling me, "I'm lovin' it," and "What you want is what you get." Well, the documentary film Supersize Me showed a different side to what we get from eating McDonald's every day. Wendy's urges, "Do what tastes right." And I can do that! I can drive right past Wendy's and home to a fresh organic salad!

We are so conditioned to the influence of advertising we don't even notice. Virtually fat free. By definition, virtually means, "Almost but not quite." So that virtually fat free dessert has fat in it people!

And the advertisers cannot be blamed. They are going to go where the money is. It's not by accident that fast food companies offer toys with meals for kids, or that sugary cereal manufacturers put surprises in the box. They know we're gullible. But you know what? We can resist.

I don't have to wait until after my daughter comes to visit before I start to lose weight. I can take control with the very next mouthful of food. Who says I can't make sensible choices at the Chinese restaurant? Who says I have to have a vodka and cola to enjoy a film on the telly? Who says I have to buy into all the hype we are fed?

Not me. I'm taking back my personal empowerment. Right here. Right now. No more excuses. I'm in a Chiron return, and the upcoming solar eclipse triggers all sorts of positive energy in my chart. Look out world, I'm not just coming, I'm here. And yes, McDonald's, even without you, I'm lovin' it.

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