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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yesterday I spent like 2 hours working on my menu for this week and my shopping list with plans to go shopping last night after my kids went to bed. I had alot of great chicken and beef recipes that I was going to try out from my low fat cookbook I have and was really excited about them.

I popped on the roku (netflix instant player) and desided to watch and episode from season 3 of "30 days" .... I absolutly love morgan spurlock and have been watching 30 days when ever it comes out on video since the show started 5 years ago. If you have never watched it before it takes someone usually of an opposite oppion on a subject and makes them spend 30 days learning about what they are opposed to... for example placeing a person who is pro-choice into a pro-life halfway house for women who have been talked out of having abortions.

Usually the people on both sides end up learning something really valuable from the opposing side... sometimes not.

Anyway last night I watched one about a guy from NC who was a hunter and loved meat and just dident understand vegans or animal rights activist.... They had him for 30 days move into a household of all vegans/active animal rights activists/peta members. They had him go on protests and eat the vegan diet and watch some of there peta shock videos and none of that seemed to faze him much.

Then they sent him to this animal rescue place that rescues sick and dieing farm animals from the huge farms. Wow I never knew how bad those places were. They said that they just pack the cows in there and they dont even have room to move because there are sooo many cows. Thats how they keep prices cheap and move them on to the customers. So basically that is my sams club / walmart beef standing out there in piles of there own poo. Then they said that the milk cows they have to be pregnant all the time to keep them producing milk... so they get them pregnant and then imediatly after the calf is born they take it away from the mother and put it in these boxes that are only as big as the calf its self and it cant walk or anything... they put rope around the calfs necks and tie there heads down to the ground so they cant move. They showed them rounding up some of the calfs to take to slaughter and it made me start crying because they are so rough with them... like 3 big guys grabing there tails and ears.... it was so sad.

Then the absolute worst part is that when the cows get sick (which most of them do living in conditions like that) and die they just take the dead cow and grind it up for hamburger. OMG.... I dont know if thats really true but I can see it with these big companys expcially since all the meat is found to be deseised every 6 months anyway (mad cow and all that).

Well after watching that I seriously did not want to eat that crap anymore. I love meat and all that and I dont really want to go vegitarian but I am not in the possition to buy meat that I know was well cared for when it was living and is not full of nasty stuff that I dont want going into my family and myself. The only thing that I can afford is sams club meat (which is what I have been buying) and I just dont want to eat that crap anymore.

So last night I found myself up untill after midnight changing my menu around, trying to find meat substatutions for the same recipes... which wasent too easy. I ended up with tofu for a few things which scares me because I have only had tofu once and my mom cooked it... and she obviously did not know how to cook tofu. yuck! Im gonna try a few things though and hopefully find a happy medium in some form.

The chickens dident bother me as much as the cows but they werent treated much better and I know they are injected with a whole bunch of crap too. So Im just going to go ahead and cut out chicken too.

So I geuss Im going to try to go vegitarian... Im still going to eat dairy and prob sea food (if all the seafood isent killed by the oil spill that is ::hang head::) I Just cant see myself eating this meat that I dont know what happened to it before it came to me or how horribly it was treated. I dont want to end up making my family sick and I cant get the imagies of how thouse animals are most likely treated while living and after they are slautered.

~ Jess
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    In Oklahoma we have a lot of 4-H kids who raise show animals and then sell them for school money later on. These pigs and cows are treated like family and raised very well. When I was a kid my aunts and mom would go in together and buy a whole animal, have it butchered, and split the meat. We had a freezer full that lasted forever and I think the price per pound turned out to be way better than what you get at the grocery store.
    2860 days ago
    I am starting to lead to a vegetarian as well...I still love meat and I will never be a full blowed vegan, but I am starting to eat turkey and boca burgers. I've had Morningstar Farms veggie burgers, but I don't like those that much.
    2861 days ago
    I've been eating more fish these days and once in while just doing a vegetarian meal. Not that I intend to give up meat, I just like that option sometimes. I think with a little research you can find local that is raised better, or recipes for tofu and alternatives that you like. Check out Morning Start products. I use their sausage patti alternative and it's a good choice for me once in a while.
    2861 days ago
    Thanks for your advice... I will definatly be trying out some new cook books.

    ~ Jess
    2861 days ago
  • BELUGA20
    I tried the vegetarian lifestyle for a while. It's easier in the summer than in the winter, so you're starting at a great time. I know a lot of vegetarians and they all told me that meat substitutes are helpful, but don't try to live on them because they're not very appetizing. There's a great vegan cookbook called Clean Food (you can usually substitute the non dairy products for dairy stuff... and kind of muddle through it). And I loveeee the Morningstar Grillers. I eat them now. Unfortunately a lot of the meat substitutes are expensive. :( Try sticking to beans and tofu for your protein. You'll be surprised at how much protein you get without meat!

    I have this one friend who is vegetarian at home, but when she goes out she'll occasionally eat meat. She was raised vegetarian, but her parents always said that you eat what you're served at other peoples homes. I kind of like that philosophy. Good luck!
    2862 days ago
  • CRIS76
    I have no problem eating meat but I have always had a problem with the hormones injected into animals (that translates into the food we are eating) and how the animals are treated. I was a vegetarian for YEARS because of this although I can't say I was full vegetarian because when I went home, our farm-raised animals that are slaughtered HUMANELY and not injected with crap were always on the table. I have never minded wild game or farm-raised animals for food - but the animals are taken care of and treated as they should be. The mega-farms are disgusting. I don't want to take that crap into my body.

    We are getting to a point now where we can afford some organic, farm-raised meats so I'm looking forward to that.
    2862 days ago
    Now, don't get me wrong I love meat...but i'm learning that I don't need to have it nightly. Beans and such work for me and i'm loven turkey and such. Morning star is awesome.
    2862 days ago
    Have you tried finding sustainably raised livestock in your area? I know that here in CA, we can get beef and chicken that is raised on farms that practice animal-friendly behaviors. Grass-fed beef, free-range chicken and practices that respect the animals for the value they provide to us are available around the country - sometimes you just have to look a little harder for it. Try Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, or other organic distributors. It costs a little more, but you'll be surprised about how much better it tastes!
    2862 days ago
    Have you watched food inc.? That has changed the way we eat. Thankfully my mom & dad buy a half cow that is organic and humanely raised. They split their 1/2 with us. Good luck Jess, I know it's not easy but you can do it!
    2862 days ago
  • THE_NEW_ME_24
    oh wow Jess, that is crazy. I agree with Chriss77 that you might try to find humanely treated meat, and just buy less of it. That way you can still have meat, but feel good knowing that you are supporting a good cause AND supporting the farmers who make good choices. Reading your post I really think I should do the same. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh, also, I wanted to tell you that today they are starting a 75 day challenge over at the LJ community. It's going to be a teams challenge. I've never done a teams challenge there before, so I'm excited to see how it goes and excited to get cracking on losing again.
    2862 days ago
    Tofu can be pretty good if you spice it up. Do NOT tell my mother I said that, I'm on record as hating the stuff.
    2862 days ago
  • KARENE10
    I,too like the Boca burgers. Also Morningstar has these "chicken patties",but they are actually veggie patties-they are also pretty tasty. We eat a lot of pasta and rice dishes.Also have breakfast for dinner(could use egg beaters?)and have veggie omelets etc.Or homemade french toast. It is sad what the poor animals go through:(
    2862 days ago
  • CHRISS77
    If you want meat, try your local butcher. Often times (at least here) they have quality meat from local farms at decent prices. If the prices are higher, then you can buy the better quality (and better treated) meat occasionally and simply reduce your meat intake. Honestly, I have no idea what meat prices are like as I have eaten meat in 20 years, but it might work.

    Otherwise, there are lots of great veggie and vegan sites out there. I personally really like Fat Free Vegan and 101 Cookbooks (not veggie, but has lots of veggie dishes).

    Best of luck! :)
    2862 days ago
    Also, read some of the pic food blogs of KLMGSU07. She eats alot of meat free stuff too.
    2862 days ago
    What about Boca burgers? Those are pre-packaged and really good! I know that only helps maybe two meals per week. They are good though.
    2862 days ago
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