shocked and bewildered....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Please no negative comments, I am already confused, upset and bewildered.
I need to vent in a place where ppl don't know me in real life.

My Uncle whom I love and trust and spent many summer vacations with as a child camping etc. Was arrested for inappropriatly touching a 5 yr old.

On one hand I beleive he is innocent. On the other hand I am going to protect my children. I have went to school and had my kids in the counselors office to break the news. They said nothing happened to them and they don't see any reason to beleive this. They are aged 15 and 17 so are capable of speaking for themselves.

I am afraid of ppl trying to retaliate because they listed his home address in the news online. He is a sr. citizen.

I have texted him to say that I saw the news and that I don't want him to see the kids till he is cleared. That I beleive he is innocent but his lawyer probably would tell him to stay away from kids anyway.

I feel inbetween a rock and a hardplace.
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