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Time to Buckle Down and Get Serious.....Again!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

2009 was a very difficult year, and 2010 isn't much better. Needless to say stress has led to my gaining back most of the weight I lost. Now my doctor wants me to get serious and get the weight back off which she feels will help with a few of the problems I have been having. Let me go back a bit and explain what's going on.

In early April I started coughing a bit. Thinking it was allergies I decided to up my vitamin C intake. After 3 weeks with no improvement I went to the doctor. What started out as allergies had turned into an upper respiratory infection. So I was put on antibiotics, cough syrup, and allergy meds. A few days into this new med regimen, I noticed my feet and legs swelling. My feet and legs do swell on occasion and I though nothing of it. Usually propping my feet up for a while reduces the swelling and next day I am usually back to normal. This time that didn't happen. Every day my feet and legs were swollen and the left foot was getting painful. I finished my 10 days of antibiotics, but the cough lingered. Three weeks later, I still have a lingering cough, I am still feeling short of breath, and my feet and legs are still swollen. Then I started experiencing mild chest pain/discomfort. I thought, must be gas trapped in my chest.....but I wasn't expelling any air (no burping and no flatulence). After 4 days of this with increasing frequency and duration, I called my doctor. She listened to my heart and lungs.....CLEAR. She did an EKG. Again nothing showed up. She then recommended that I go to the emergency room and let them do chest xrays and blood work to get my enzyme levels. So off I go to the hospital. At the hospital they again did an EKG which was normal. They also put me on oxygen and did blood work. My enzyme levels are fine. At that point they told me they were keeping me overnight so further testing could be done. I was scheduled for a stress test and a doppler test for blood clots in my legs. I am happy to say that I passed both tests. Heart is fine and there are no new blood clots. After 24 hours I was released from the hospital. Their diagnosis is stomach irritation from the pain meds I was using for my arthritic knees. It seems that the Naproxen irritated the lining of my stomach and the pain radiated up into the chest.

So now I have nothing to use for the fibro and arthritis pain. The doctor at the hospital did prescribe Tylenol with Codeine for me, which does nothing for the pain and only puts me to sleep and the swelling of my feet and legs continues. I was also told to take Prilosec for 2 or 3 weeks to heal the stomach lining and a low acid diet was also recommended. So now I hurt all the time, but the chest pains are gone.

I went to my family Dr. on Tuesday for my sugar recheck (diabetes type II) and for a follow up to the hospital visit. She has now put me on water pills and potassium to try to reduce the swelling. She also wants me to get this weight back off and to get more exercise AND to prop my legs and feet up above heart level for at least 10 minutes twice a day. I started the water pill regimen yesterday and for the last two days have elevated my legs and used my exercise bike. So I am back in the saddle and praying I will stay there and finally get rid of the weight and some of these health issues. Just hoping this renewed motivation to get serious stays with me long enough to accomplish my goals.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am really new to Sparkpeople so I hope I dont mess this up.
    is there a pool in your area?? Water exercise works for me and it doesnt hurt any of my body parts.
    I am trying to get me in control after a hard 2009. My husband passed away the morning of our 50th wedding anniversary party, and two months to the day later a sister passed away and 17 days after that another sister passed away so I pretty much have not cared about me or anything but its time to re-group so I'm on my way (hopefully) to getting me back in shape.
    I don't know how to get my picture on here either.
    I'll be cheering for you.
    2844 days ago
  • XENA1956
    Wow such problems. I hope things start to go better for you soon. Sorry about the pain, I can only take tylenol for pain and use to take #4's. They worked but had problem with constipation. Now I only use the tylenol when it is bad. Gald all those test were negative. Pretty scary stuff. Keep smiling and all your friends are here for you. emoticon emoticon emoticon Teri
    2850 days ago
  • HOUK46
    Sharon sorry to hear of all the problems you have been having. Very glad to hear that the heart is okay. Will be praying that starting to go back on track with the weigh. I myself did a start over beginning May 1st. You are in my thoughts and prayers and , drop in to say hi , now and then.
    2858 days ago
    Sharon, you have been having a rough time. Thank Heavens you have had all the tests and the dr's know what to give you. Praying that you heal quickly and your swelling goes down so that you can get to do some exercise.
    Please let us know how you are getting on and come and say hi so we can encourage you even more

    2860 days ago
    Yeah I'm sorry you don't feel so good either. Best to take your doctors advice and start again with your weight loss plan, its bound to help the other health issues too. I'm a fine one to talk though, been messing around with ee for nearly a month and regained a few kgs too. Sigh I also have to take myself in hand again, so thats at least two of us. Monday, fresh in?
    2860 days ago
    Sorry for all your health struggles. Glad you got things checked out though. All this should certainly serve as motivation. Get Shari on board, too! AND come on back to LargeRme!!! We've missed you.
    2861 days ago
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