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Are Anti-Depressants necessary for Everyone?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am sorry that I mentioned this in my blog. It seems that even those responding on this forum, who don't know anything about me, believe I should have these drugs pushed on me. THAT would get anyone depressed, even if they are not before. One person wrote that they can be used as pain relievers, which could have been a reason for someone to push them on me (though I already have something for pain), but that wasn't the reason they were being pushed or they would not have been mentioning psychiatriac therapists.

So I am removing that blog.
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    I actually wanted to address Meralo's comment about using anti-depressants for pain management. Pain is a usually caused by activation of nociceptors which then signal to the brain to perceive pain. If this neurotransmission can be modulated then pain can be lessened; anti-depressants modulate neurotransmission (SSRI's block the serotonin reuptake mechanism, SNRI's do the same thing for norepinephrine reuptake mechanism, tricyclic antidepressants tend to do both, MAOI's prevent the breakdown of monoamines in the extracellular space, thereby prolonging their effects, etc. and changing the levels of these neurotransmitters can modulate basic synaptic transmission). Just because they are mainly prescribed for depression (and have been labeled as "anti-depressants"), it doesn't mean that they don't have efficacy in other disorders/diseases. Think about aspirin, it's generally taken as a fever reducer & pain reliever, but it also acts as a blood thinner, so now many many people take it to help prevent heart attacks & stroke. I really wish that people would get over the stigma associated with mental disorders & the drugs that treat them...

    I am not currently taking any anti-depressants, but yes, some need for them (and no, not everyone needs them). In this country, while it may seem that they are being heavily pushed, there are so many people that suffer from mental disorders and are not receiving the treatment that they need (whether that be therapy, antidepressants, etc.). A lot of people suffer in silent & keep things hidden & don't actually seek treatment, either because of denial or fear of judgment or whatever, and it's not like people that are suffering walk around with a big sign on their forehead that says "depressed" & there's no blood test or anything so all medical profressionals can do is ask someone if they feel they might need help (asking never hurt anyone). You shouldn't feel insulted/offended that perhaps your medical professionals were erring on the side of caution and asking you if you need help. What if the next person that walked in presented in the same manner as you, but was actually suffering from severe untreated depression and no one asked if they needed help?

    Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now.
    2830 days ago
    I think that depression has become almost fashionable and in trying to openly address and treat actual sufferers, the doctors can get it wrong sometimes. Meds have worked for me, but my mom was offered meds as pain management! I understand the theory of that, but is it necessary to use drugs for one condition to treat a totally unrelated one?

    Since following a new lifestyle, I've found that I can almost predict my derpessive cycle which has been the biggest success ever - I now know precisely what I'm dealing with, and when....meds can't do that. I'm still taking them but I hope to wean myself off them soon and move towards a proactive treatment that uses multiple "therapies" as opposed to using just one as a crutch.
    2830 days ago
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