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Life lessons from our cat

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our cat, Cleo, is going on 15 years old. We've had her 14 years, and she has gone from a wild and crazy youth to an active, loving and mellow old age. In people years, she's about 75 or so. Yet, as her doctor says, she has managed to hold on to her girlish figure.

So, here are the basic lessons from Cleo's life, and how they seem to keep her happy and healthy and thin:

#1. Don't over eat. Eat to satiation, not stuffed. If you start feeling full, stop eating, save the rest of the food for later. And eat what you love first, even if it means begging for treats.

#2. Walk or run instead of spending time in a vehicle. Vehicles are evil. Run the other way when you see one coming.

#3. Get plenty of sleep. Nap early, nap often. Go to bed on time. Don't waste time watching TV, sleep is more important.

#4. Play. Enjoy life. Anything can become play - a sock, a shoe, a shoelace, a bug. Play with your life. Make work play. Make cleaning play. Have fun!

#5. Stay clean. If there is nothing else to do, clean.

#6. Surround yourself with positive people who love you. Ignore people who don't love beings like you. Well, or sit next to them and try to convert them.

#7. Spend time outside every day. Even if it's pouring rain, you can find a covered place to sit and breathe fresh air.

#8. Learn to sleep anywhere. This is an important skill. If the only place to sleep is a cool tile floor, sleep there.

#9. Drink lots of water. It doesn't have to be bottled. Every time you snack or eat a meal, have some water. Don't bother drinking anything else. Water is good.

#10. Let your people know you care. Really, a well-placed pat or hug or snuggle makes them feel good, and it makes you feel good. Don't be stingy with your love.

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