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Just Do It

Monday, May 17, 2010

I've started working out again. I've taken a different approach. I am just doing it. Instead of making up some great plan with little details that I need to follow thru with. I've decided that I would just add working out in my daily life, viewing it as no big deal, viewing it like how I go to work each day, and how I eat, and how I sleep, you know just viewing working out as a daily thing in life that you must do. So far its been going good. I'm not obsessing with it, I'm just simply doing it. I'm not weighing myself. But I am counting calories. I have a set amount I eat each day. I figure that if I dont eat over my calories and if I work out everyday eventually I will see results. I use to want fast results but now I am just doing it with patience and taking it one day after another. I dont want to get overly excited when I do start seeing results because for me, in the past once I feel like I've shed some, I find myself making excuses not to continue my work out.

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