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A birthday puts some "stuff" into perspective......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

.....and it is a new year the way I look at it when you have a birthday, which I just did on the 13th, and I NEVER realized how many caring friends I have right here at Spark!!!! Thank you so much for your well wishes, comments, goodies!!!!!! emoticon

I probably should not have done this, but I on the scale the day after my birthday after not having weighed for over 3 weeks, and I was disappointed once again.......up 5# or 20 sticks of butta!!!! That was yesterday, and I am still feeling upset.....with myself! I am totally to blame.....not following the Zonya Foco plan..DIET FREE, which by the way we are on the 2nd E, eat enough to be satisfied, and this one is a really good one, and we started a tracker too, which I have NOT done in quite awhile, so I am moving on, done feeling sorry for myself! I think part of my problem is not starting my day out with a better breakfast. Usually I just have a piece of whole wheat toast with a tbsp of peanut butter. I think I need to add more, maybe a yogurt! PLEASE.....any thoughts for me on this!!! Evening is still a weak time for me, although I try to cut off the food at 8PM, I will eat some Triscuits.......2 portions, and maybe that's where my trouble is!! Also I try to get a walk in every day, but lately my darn calf has been bothering me again, especially when I lie down to sleep, so I am NOT getting quality sleep!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!

I know I have to ask God to help me more, to stay in control better, to take more time eating slowly, to praise Him for all He has done for me, and my family, and to get my focus back!

We ALL deserve to be healthy, and I am making this a priority. It will be a test for me tonight at the event that DH and I are going to......Asian/Pacific Chamber of Commerce event and a buffet dinner!!! I am going to be praying about it and also saying to myself.......better for it to go to waste than to my waist!!!!

I will report back tomorrow sometime about how well I did! Notice, I already plan on doing well!!

Peace and hugs to all!
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    Forgive yourself, get over it and get on with your life and just love yourself to pieces. God loves you to the utmost and He does not want you to be miserable and judging yourself for a mere 5lb. gain. Now, you and I both know that 5lb. is nothing. You can shake that off in a heart beat, so to speak. You do know what cause the gain and have to hold yourself accountable and we all know that so, just do it. LOL. Life is self control and discipline and loving to practice the both of them as one. We have the fruit of the spirit to make it possible to do and love doing these 2 as one. God loves you so much and will give you the desires of your heart, just follow the leading of Holy Spirit and enjoy Sunday to the utmost. I wish you a belated happy birthday. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2867 days ago
    You can do it :D
    2868 days ago
    I love to think of my birthday as the beginning of my personal new year too. And I don't think you should start yours off by talking negatively about yourself. You are doing great, and you need to focus on the things you are doing right. For example, asking spark friends for help figuring out things with your meal plan. So, here's my two cents: Make a fruit smoothie or fresh juice from the juicer to go with that toast. Two carrots and an apple in the juicer will put a pep in your step. Also, have little snacks all throughout the day (like every couple hours) - cut peppers, baby carrots, blanched broccoli w/ lemon, hummus w/ crackers, a ff yogurt, etc. Hope this is helpful for you. And I hope your personal new year is filled with blessings beyond your wildest imagining.
    emoticon Nicole
    2868 days ago
    Please, please...simply enjoy your life. I too put some back on this week. But like you I think it was through celebrating. My dear husband and I celebrated 37 years of marriage this week. We also just had a very nice week together...period. I know it will come back off. I know you too will drop it as well. I think our body adjusts and readjusts. Could be I'm just trying to come up with an excuse...but I really feel so blessed by life in General. I just can't get down...not even with an extra few pounds. Hope you enjoy your dinner tonight. Hope you get a glorious night's sleep. Hope you know how loved you are by all your spark friends. Don't worry...that butta is going to melt away for good one of these days. I just know it. emoticon mary
    2868 days ago
    I love this quote...."better for it to go to waste than to my waist!!!!" Lol! are doing a GREAT job with your journey!
    There is a delicate balance in the "occassional" permission to eat high calorie foods that are not on our usual daily plan....the challenge is to do it only "occassionally".

    ....and there's the rub ~ Laura emoticon
    2868 days ago
    Happy Birthday and new year (your new year...)LOL.

    Your setbacks make you stronger to support the rest of us when we need your support. If you never struggled, how could you advise us? Not that I am encouraging not doing well, just that there may be God's work even in set backs.

    Food for thought is calorie free!!
    2868 days ago
    I agree with Debbie, Barb - Be kind to yourself! You have had a lot of celebrating to do lately, and with the lack of sleep, all of us can give in a bit more than we should. You will lose those 5 pounds again soon. Follow your plan: Thank God for your many blessings (including having all those things to celebrate) & go on with a big smile. You will do it, dear friend. And we're all here to root you on. Hugs, Becky
    2868 days ago
    Barb, don't beat yourself up over the 5#'s. You are normal like the rest of us. You ahd a graduation, anniversary, birthday, Mothers day. n such a short amount of time. It would be ahrd passing up some of thsoe occasions without poor choices. Even by the best of them. Oh and i forgot mary and Joe's cookin. LOL
    Love ya. enjoy the 5#'s.
    2868 days ago
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