Girl in the Mirror

Friday, May 07, 2010

Through an unfortunate turn of scheduling events, I find myself alone for the day in a beautiful bed and breakfast that was previously scheduled to be a romantic getaway attached to the weekend of my son's college graduation. My daughter's soccer tournament threw a wrench in our long weekend and we are split between the kids.

(Fairview Inn, Jackson MS, across the street from Millsaps College)

I have had the day to myself in a huge room with a ginormous bathroom...with lots of mirrors. I have a large bedroom at home, but it's different. I have lots of mirrors at home, but they are different. When I stood today in front of these unfamiliar mirrors, I was faced by an unfamiliar girl. I could see every extra pound, exactly where it was. It didn't look like me. I was shocked.

I downloaded some zumba videos because of a blog I read. I started doing them and they were fun. Then the email about the article on writing a vision statement came.

I'm pretty good about strategic planning for my business, my finances, my family, but not for myself.

I want to dance and not jiggle. I want to dance in the morning and dance at night. I want to spend hours outside instead of inside. I want to run when I am in a hurry when I feel like it and arrive without panting. I want to put on the first thing I see in the closet and know that I'll look great in it no matter what it is. I want to look in the mirror and see the girl that I am and have that be the same girl I think I am.

I'm making progress. I did a jig to my third zumba song today.

Now that I think about it, there is a lock on my office door and the zumba videos on youtube are only 4 minutes long...

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