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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Turns out it was a good thing I didn't bike today as the rain was so on again off again but INTENSE when it came...! Wouldn't want to get caught in one of THOSE cloudbursts! Betcha one of these days I'll zig when I should've zagged and STILL get nailed...ah well, all the more to BLOG about...lol!

So today was looking mighty fine despite the lack of a bike in the picture as I worked through my lunch hour during a cloudburst and THEN when I was ready for my lunch break, the clouds parted and I got out for my 3 mile RiverWalk with my Nordic Poles. Back to my appointments with clients...the storm clouds gathered again. Wrapped up my day and the sun popped out stronger than ever? Sure what the heck, off to my private practice office with my poles to see a client and then back to my car...another 3 miles of Nordic Walking.

Except: on my return trip a very weird, sharp pain began radiating down my left leg, sort of beginning around my butt / sit bone. I had to slow down considerably to make it to the car. Then stopped to pick up a few groceries. MORE intense...depending on my grocery cart WAY too much! Get home? Barely weight bearing on my left leg.

No falls, no new & different movements, nothing out of the ordinary but this blasted PAIN! I am blessed with a pretty hardy physique and RARELY have anything significant along the aches and pains line...so I'm SPOILED and spending much time grumbling! Forget the ibu / aceto route...don't know WHEN I last took any of those, not about to start now.

I pulled out the big guns: whenever ANYTHING is bothering me physically, even flu-like gastro stuff...I'm in the tub for the longest, hottest soak I can tolerate. I always shower...tub? reserved for these rare occasions. Felt wonderful! Of course I wasn't MOVING either! Since getting out I'm back to grumbling.

If no improvement by tomorrow I guess it's off to my primary care doc to see what the heck this is all about.

I've been so proud of my body, feeling so much younger than my years. But tonight this old coot is feeling every one of those years...grrr!

I'll keep you all posted!

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