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Sunday, May 02, 2010

So yesterday wasn't a TERRIBLE eating day, not until later.

I worked yesterday morning. I ended up clocking in an hour and 15 minutes early because I had no idea when I was supposed to start. Whoops! So I worked out while the other gal was there and then by the end, worked out again cause my feet hurt so dang bad. Standing for five hours straight will do that to ya. I ate really well there.

Then I met up with Christine. I had a quick lunch, we procrastinated like maniacs, had a crying moment of hilarity, wrote a little, then headed for dinner. I wasn't the best at dinner, but calorie wise for the day, I was in range. Then we had a cupcake, which was fabulous.

Then... I went to D&J's house. Where J had heated up food for me. *gack* But, I was a little out of sorts, so had no qualms eating it. I just didn't eat it all. There's a first for ya. But now, way out of range. Then we had gelato. Even MORE out of range. Sidenote: I don't want to hear the chastising or the whatever's. I beat myself up enough last night when I got home. Then proceeded to get very little sleep. So... You can do no worse to me than I do to myself.

Anyways, so this morning I woke up CRANKY. I got enough sleep, put together, to not be as cranky as I was. So the only answer was... TOO MUCH FOOD. And then I think back to many a morn of being CRANKY and... wow, there's generally too much food involved. Don't get me wrong, the boy troubles didn't help much. But I think I'd be better able to cope if I didn't ALSO have this load on my back.

So there's another reason to write down on the ol' reasons to be healthier card: I won't be so cranky in the mornings.

Talk about a big realization. There is a direct correlation between eating like a bada$$ the night before and a down and dirty morning. Wowie. Again, this is not to discount other mean and make me upset factors, but those have to be dealt with other ways.

So there ya go! Goals to come tomorrow...
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