One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (Suggestions Please)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In the past month and a half I've been dealing with a multitude of events:

*I've been reappling to college (transferring credits in).
*I've been going to CT to attend my youngest sister-in-law's bridal shower, and other associated events.
*I've been talking two pregnant friends through some hormonal changes.
*I've been having my sleeping pattern miserably disrupted by hubby and the rain again
*I've been having arguments with hubby about the necessity of cleaning when both of us have allergies to dust and mold, and neither of us (especially him) likes cleaning
*I've been doing other things besides.

I've been, I've been, I've been. In my multitude of I've been, here's what I haven't been doing:

*I haven't been cooking at home more than once in a while, relying on take outs a lot (my lean mean steak burger vs diner burger -hey, I'm anemic, I crave beef when low on iron - is no contest)
*I haven't been eating on a regular, scheduled basis, or even when I feel hungry
*I haven't gone outside except when absolutely necessary (a lot of the above is easily done over the phone or online), thus minimizing movement
*I haven't been exercising in the house due to clutter and dust
*I haven't been socializing other than above events and yet
*I haven't been having my needed alone time
*I haven't been going out to find good cross-traines (even though I have nice shape-up sneakers, which are awesome for walking, I still need something for running/biking; I also don't know what to look for in those)
* I haven't been going out to find some good outdoor workout clothes (again, I don't know what to look for, I've got boobs and hips and get discouraged at the prices and smallness of the items at the athletic stores).
*I haven't been feeling good about myself

I know it's time to start changing these lists, and yet the more I've put it off, the more overwhelmed I feel. I am now at over 200 lbs, more than the 198 when I first started on here.

I know I need a training buddy, and I'm starting to realize that hubby might not work for that (his schedule is too erratic, so he ends up exercising when I'm asleep most times). I also need some semblance of a routine, but don't know how to go about achieving it.
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    Thanks to everyone for your support and suggestions! It helped a lot in getting motivated again! emoticon
    2884 days ago
    Make a list of goals for the week. A week is a small period of time and make them reasonable but positive steps. Write a blog with your goals and post them prominently in your house. Get invested in completing these goals. Then you will hopefully have something to build off of and can go from there.
    2886 days ago
    hey!! I am glad u vented it's always good!!
    2887 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    I agree. Start making lists of things that you DID DO.

    Start small, maybe 15 min walk 3 times a week.

    Write a blog about things you are thankful for, instead of looking at the negative.

    I'm sure there are wonderful, positive things in your life. Concentrate on them and improve on them.

    Here's to you my friend. emoticon
    2887 days ago
    I saw your note of needing support and thought I'd drop by. Strange, just read the SP Article "One Step Back, Two Steps Forward" also referred to in "The Spark"
    Here's the link:


    One thing which so many people don't realize is that it is a lifestyle change...not simply changing eating habits and exercise, it's about everything. My best advise is to press that giant reset button, regroup a little and set a few goals which will help you start your journey.

    Even simple things planning one or two meals for the week, straightening up one room, committing to 15 minutes outside to do anything...start slow, take those baby steps.

    You are still ahead of where you started from because look! You reached out to your SP family!

    2887 days ago
    Great advice from both Sparkers. Just take it one Baby Step at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. emoticon emoticon
    2887 days ago
    Okay, this sounds really familiar. So a little humble advice:

    I. Clear yourself a little space and keep it clear. Get a air purifier and put it your clear space so you can get some exercise and then relax. Take cleaning a little at a time...budget yourself an hour a day (or less) and spend it "declutterfying" & concentrate on trashing what you can (OK, I still have notes from high school classes in the 80s LOL). You will be pleasantly surprised and satisfied about how much you can get done.

    II. Concentrate on your own needs. Relationships should be reciprocal. I know it's hard, but make sure you get something other than feeling you helped someone else when you are doing all that you need to do. It's also OK to say "NO" or "NOT NOW" Especially if you don't want to burn yourself out. In the same vain, you will probably never get your DH to like cleaning, so don't waste your energy brooding about it, maybe he will even pitch-in when you lead by example.

    III. Learn to say "so what" if you need not to home cook your meals. You can still make healthful choices at most places with a menu or in the grocery prepared food section.

    IV. Forgive yourself, and get on with it!

    I did and do.

    2887 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/27/2010 7:58:30 PM
    I read in the Spark Book today about one step back and two steps forward....this is a most profound way to look at it. Sometimes I lives get so garbled with occurances that it tend to forget what is important. I find that is the time I need to regroup and figure it all out. It may also mean that perhaps we have to downsize a bit the things that are important just temporarily. It could be as little as using Lean Cuisine instead of cooking or parking further away in the parking lots to get extra exercise. As long as we are taking those baby steps forward we are still winning the battle. As I told my husband today....he is my trainer in the corner and his job is to make sure that my portions I eat are good and that I get my exercise....motivation. For today or whenever you need it I am your trainer who will wipe your face and tell you that you can do it. Jeannette
    2887 days ago
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