I'm only human -- what's your excuse?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In yesterday's blog, I touched on using the phrase, "I'm only human." I thought about that later and surmised that people use that phrase either as an excuse, an explanation, or as an apology.

.....We hear this all the time. Yes, I've even seen it here on Spark many times. A person says they ate this or that thing they didn't want to because [insert a million reasons here] --parent issues, work troubles, the family made me do it, and so on. Now of course there is always reasons for our behavior. They don't have to be "good" reasons, but much of our behavior is a result of cause and effect. I had a bad day at work so I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry's. If we really look at that, it would be obvious how disconnected and unrealistic the choice is. We ate the ice cream and guess what, the problem at work is still there and not only that, we've added more emotional baggage like being disgusted with ourselves and maybe even put on a pound or so which will spiral into more self-loathing. Recognize when using the I'm only human excuse is just a cop-out -- a ready-made reason to misbehave. Kinda like the expression, boys will be boys. It's really just giving the nod to bad behavior.

.....Some people are pragmatic. They have an "is what it is" view of things. They are not judgmental even if what they are saying may seem harsh. They are just stating a fact really without passing judgment about it. So when a pragmatic person says, "I'm only human," they are basically just recognizing their limitations. It's not a cop-out for them, but an acknowledgment that humans make mistakes.

.....This is the category I fall in. I know it sounds funny, but I'm an apologist for my bad behavior. When I say, "I'm only human," it really is an apology for being weak. Like the pragmatist, I recognize that we're flawed, but I think I can do better and don't just accept 'it is what is.' Maybe I shouldn't really use the word apology, because I see being human as motivation to do better.

Of course, the dynamics of human behavior is much more complex than that, but you may recognize yourself in one of those descriptions. So many things in our lives are totally out of our control. Sometimes, we can only observe or react. But weight loss is one of the things that is definitely within our control. I haven't heard of any instances where people are being forced to eat things they don't want. You are in control of your hand-to-mouth movements. YOU! Not mommy, daddy, husband, wife, boss or co-worker. Not even your Spark friends. Just YOU.

Yes, human beings are flawed. We all know people have the capacity for the worst kinds of behavior. But, there is another side that can excel and do great things. I choose to be inspired by that side. I choose to strive for perfections and even if I don't achieve it, I'll fall somewhere close by it. If I say for 365 days I'm going to eat between 1200 and 1550 calories and I only make it for 340 of those days, I believe I've done darn good. No excuses, no it is what it is, but instead every day being as strong as I can for as long as I can. What do you mean when you say, "I'm only human?" Is it an Excuse, an Explanation, or an Apology.

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  • GINA7249
    love ur blog and love ur poem. keep it up i mean all of ur good work. love it all. i am so borrowing the poem.

    2726 days ago
    I agree with Mystic's comment. Or, I should say, I'd like to get to that point that she talks about. I dont want to have to apologize if i eat a piece of chocolate cake. I want it from time to time, because I'm only human. It's an explanation. We want to eat things that taste great, but we need to eat healthy most of the time for good health.

    Great Blog...really got the noggin when that happens.

    Have a fabulous day ! emoticon
    2727 days ago
    When I say I'm only human it is not an apology or excuse. It is an explanation. I think it is okay to have what you are craving from time to time, in moderation. I don't believe you should deprive yourself of things you love to eat. We just need more control over ourselves. We should know our limits. I think if you tell yourself no all the time you might lose control at some point and over do it. So I don't have an excuse for what I eat and I don't apologize for what I eat. I eat what I eat.
    2729 days ago
    When I say "I'm only human", it's usually me doing something I wanted to do and getting called out about it.

    And, you are right about who controls are weight. Just because my husband brings Blue Chips into the house does not mean that I have to eat them. And, even if (when) I do, I don't blame him. I log the little suckers into my food tracker and deal with whatever consequences come my way.
    2729 days ago
    You are right. And yesterday, it felt good blaming my husband, too.

    2729 days ago
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