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To all working parents: Where do you find time to workout at home?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I am currently do a survey on the obstacles that many face when planning their workouts. One that I have come across is the inability to effectively workout at home.

Please share when you come home from work how you find the energy to workout and how do you focus on working out with so much to do like dinner, get kids ready for the next day and in bed at a good time.

Also let us know if your married or single.

We want to hear from you!

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    I have to fit mine in in the morning. Before work and before the kids wake up.

    This means having to wake up at 4:30...working out from 5:00-6:00...getting the kids up...and being at work by 7:30am.

    Most people wince when I tell them what time I wake up...but getting healthy is a priority. Frankly, it's worth it.

    2816 days ago
    I'm the mother of 3 girls, but only the 3 yr old would possibly interfere with my workouts (other 2 are 10 & 15), so I get up at 3:50am to get my work out in, that's an hr earlier than I would get up if I didn't have to work out, but if I don't get it in then, I know it's a strong possibility that I won't get it in at all. There are 1-2 days a week that I try to fit in a quick session in the evenings, but that doesn't always happen, so in order to make sure I get my work out in on the regular, it has to be before work, and it doesn't hurt that it's soooo quiet in the house and only me and my workout DVD or my treadmill/bike/elliptical. Oh, and I'm married.
    2816 days ago
  • KITKA82
    I am married and work full time. I have two kids who are 3 and 2. I primarily work out in the evening, after they go to bed (8:30 or 9). On the weekends, I tend to get up early in the morning. My husband works most evenings and some weekends, so on the occasion that he is home during the weekend, I may work out during the kids' nap time in the afternoon.
    2817 days ago
  • KITKA82
    I am married and work full time. I have two kids who are 3 and 2. I primarily work out in the evening, after they go to bed (8:30 or 9). On the weekends, I tend to get up early in the morning. My husband works most evenings and some weekends, so on the occasion that he is home during the weekend, I may work out during the kids' nap time in the afternoon.
    2817 days ago
    I only work part-time (4.25 hours a day) so I don't know if I really count in your survey. In the morning I take the kids to school, then workout at home or at gym, take a shower, pick up one child from school, have lunch, and then go to work. Sometimes when I miss my morning workout I have to workout at night after work. I am usually really tired but I have to tell myself how good I will feel after.
    2827 days ago
    Wow! Thanks keep it comming
    2827 days ago
    Early morning is the only thing that works for me...married mother of 3, working full time. I get up an extra hour early to "git er done!"
    2827 days ago
    If I waited to workout until after work, it would never happen! The minute I walk in the door the husband & kids all want something. So, I get up every morning at 4am and workout at home. I use lot's of DVD routines to keep me on track & focused.

    Morning is the only time I have for me. No one else is awake so it is real "ME" time.

    I love working out at home. It saves a lot of time & I don't have to pack a bag the night before to go to the gym.
    2827 days ago
  • RENA1965
    I have two teenagers with ADHD, I soul searched and could see I have 3 days a week where I could fit a visit to the gym in..
    1. This means some chours are left to the weekend. I purchased to large washing baskets with a lid. It can wait until I have good time to sort and washing without stress..
    2. My kids have been stressed so home time during the week is out of boundies for visitors unless something urgent turns up- my kids need free time to put their minds in free gear and relax.. This has reduced the amount of ritilin my oldest with ADHD/Asperges needs and allows them to go to bed in a regular routine..
    3. If eating healthy was easy, I could have done it with sparks- I was realistic looking at how I loss weight best.. I needed someone to explain what are good options for the different meals and whys.. I now have a skeleton plan what has to be in each meal. This makes planning a shopping list easier and helps me save money.. I know exactly how much protein I need in my freezer to cover a week and can even stock up to avoid visits when rushed..
    4. I keep my exercise holy- my kids are going to be basket cases if I have not stressed off the days work rips teeth out..
    I ask the family if they can wait for dinner- if I lost a client to cancer or heart stop I need a ½ hour to 1 hour to process the days actions and return to the nice sweet mom my teenagers deserve..
    5. When I do make meals I also prepare my lunch box for next day.. We usually have some waste time and this can be put to use..
    6. The days I can't get to the gym I have a found stuff in large rubbish collections I now own a manual stepper, a exercise bike, a ball, handweights and even a pull up bar.. My youngest boy was so ashamed of me being fat- now I have gotten to maintenance he is so proud of me and wants me to go on a judo tornment in summer to met his trainer.. He also workout with me when I do home workouts and he is staying over..
    7. I don't keep the house rigidly clean, if people turn up they phone first, I take my own food to even pot luck dinners.. If my kids were still small I would be purchasing exercise tapes to involve my kids.. I unfortunately had a dying husband so had to cope as best I could with two ADHD kids alone.. I also had to give one of my boys to a foster family, as just couldn't spread myself over their differences.. My youngest boy does ADL training to improve his behaviour disorders.. Sometimes we have to do soul seaching to be good parents..
    Today I have to very high functioning teenagers whom know how to navigate their way in the kitchen.. My youngest son also likes to make chinese dishes for himself and me.. I juggle a full time job, train and two special kids without the stress I used to have..
    I also didn't bath my kids daily- my youngest son broke out in skin rashes due to astma.. We did a section wash for under arms, below the belt plus face and hands.. My husband was a stay at home dad, so he also pulled his weight until he sat in a wheel chair..
    What I can't fix is the new men that come into my life- how active their dad was.. My sons give each male the thumb down because they are lazy compared to their own fathers effort even with a difficult autoimmune diabetes type 1 a professor couldn't keep regulated correctly because of factors within my husband body (he could make insulin once in a blue mood).. My husband was only 49 kgs at 5"3", my sons had a hard time understanding someone so fit and mindful of their illness buckled.. They forget he has had diabetes since 11 years of age... My kids don't muck around or a difficult much anymore when they see how hard it was for my husband to exercise and eat healthy... We all got a aha moment with his death, the doctor said he could live for many more years- but it didn't end this way..
    2828 days ago

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