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Friday 4/23 Getting better

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am giving thanks tonight. I am feeling better and a bit more in control again. I think that injection--Kenalog--took the bite off of what my fibro was doing to me. I am back on Neurontin (for neurological pain) and Cymbalta (for fibro). It will take a couple of weeks forthe meds to work completely, but part of the getting a nerontin level is dealing with the side effect of sleepiness. For me right now, that is a good thing and I had an awesome nap tonight. I had a couple of nights of good sleep when I was sick last week, but my sleep has been deteriorating rapidly and that is the fibro speaking. My rheumy was quite concerned about my present condition and told me that it was hard to define where the arthritis flare ended and the fibro flare took over. Most people don't have flares in both conditions at the same time, but welcome to my world. My rheumy is a man of some UK background, with a great brogue accent and he is the most thorough and kind gentleman ever. His face shows his distress when I am in such awful shape.

My pain doc is out of town for next week, but I have an appointment with him on his first clinic date, May 7. I don't know what he can do for me--I am fearful of increasing my narcotic pain relief, so it will need to be something else. I think that I have known all along that I needed to call out for help with htis and I knew where my help would come from, but it was necessary to make sure that the ugly stuff hadn't resurfaced. Having had one bone infection makes me vulnerable to a repeat episode and it is good news to know that that isn't my current problem.

I called my surgeon'soffice about returning to work full time today but they didnt return my call, so I have at least one more half-day to work. I spent some extra time today trying to work with the para in my building to resolve some issues that are surfacing. I have never witnessed the problem, but she needed a heads up that our boss and at least another person were complaining. I have witnessed really good work from this lady and I don't want her to end up in the tough work environment that I am in. All of our paras are in a state of limbo because with the budget issues, they don't know if they have a job next year, or if they have a job--where or what it may consist of. She doesn't need any other stress. On a related note, I think I am headed to more of the same that I have dealt with over and over this year. Grr-rr, at least I have the ability to retire on my side.

The things within our family have shown improvement. My husband has been talking to our lawyer all week and it seems as if the mortgage people problems are coming to an end, I won't rest until I see it in writing, but it looks like it is settling down. My son is coming around as well--he knows what he needs to do and is getting started on things, albeit slowly for my taste. He has a lot to do but has gotten started. Since he is without health insurance, heis going to have to jump through hoops to get service at our local mental health center--they won't even accept info from his previous doctors which I think is insulting since he has beent reated for his conditions since he was 3 years old. However, they offer a sliding fee scale and it is a way to get started. I plan to be involved in every step of this even if he is 20 years old and "an adult." I am fearful that he won't share the internet problem in the way I see it and I think they will have to know that it has interfered with his life. He has only asked to go online a couple of times recently and hasn't responded with anger. However, he rides his bike to the library while I am at work and uses the internet there--it is time restricted and content restricted, so I guess I have to accept this as something he can do (unfortunately.) Tomorrow, I have to let him go online to file for unemployment, that is how it is done now. He may need to use it tolook for a job too, and all I can do is look over his shoulder.

it is good to feel a bit more in control of things right now and it helps to know that my prayers are being answered. The thing withmy son's job was ugly and although I rallied to help get his job back, I am hoping that this helps to get things back in order for him. Working third shift for so long has probably added a great deal to his issues and I hope he can move on. I asked God to help me help him and I think this is what has went on. It won't be an easy journey, but it is necessary.

Now, if we could only get the cable TV fixed correctly, lol. One miracle at a time, I guess. It is good to feel better!
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    Looks like slowly but surely things are improving for you. I hate that you've been in so much pain. Glad that there is help on the horizon. I'll keep you and yours in my prayers my friend. Love, Dawn
    2888 days ago
    It seems as if things are finally beginning to work out for you and your family. I must tell you that I really admire how you continue to do what you need to when you are in so much pain. That is not an easy accomplishment. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
    2889 days ago
    Thinks are looking up and I'm relived for you. emoticon
    2889 days ago
    Oh my gosh Sylvia, all I can say to this entire blog is that my prayers for you are being answered, Yes slowly, but we all know that God answers in His timing not ours. You are a survivor and it showing........... My prayers continue. emoticon
    2889 days ago
    I certainly don't envy you having to deal with two conditions at once, that is horrible :( I wish I could get the sleep you got, that must feel good! I only got three hours last night and have a very long day ahead of me. Bridge tourney this morning and then working a bridge game tonight, both with all bad food temptations at them :( Bridge players like their snack foods! I am taking healthy stuff to tonight's game, but have no control over the tourney. Its all their choices for lunch and breakfast servings. I am glad your son is doing better. I don't understand why that health center wouldn't accept info from previous treatment. That just doesn't make any sense. Most medical professionals would love a history, to see what has been done before, and what worked, etc. to see the patterns.
    Sorry about your frustrating work :( Good for you to help that woman!
    I hope you can have a restful, relaxing weekend!
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    2890 days ago
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