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Making Lemonade / Maintenance Ponderings

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Been slogging through another "blah" period lately...lotta little things just getting in the way, nothing major...

No biking for several days due unpredictably drippy dreary days on the weekend and cold mornings during the week (30's are just TOO cold), yet later in the day nice weather which has me kicking myself for not having braved the cold of the morning...I think I'm psyching myself up to brave the cold on Thurs. / Fri. mornings...!

So if I'm not biking I'm getting up to use my treadmill, right...? Nope, haven't been getting up for 'millwork in the morning...have ended up trudging up to the 'mill late at night as a last resort...for 'millwork that hasn't been easy nor inspiring.

Since last Thurs. my Nordic poles haven't been working...they just slide up and down and don't "hold" into their position. Finally got a tool which I think may help to straighten this out. Too many days I've allowed my day to crowd out my RiverWalk option...and I get to negative thoughts like, "since I don't have my poles, what's the point in bothering with the RiverWalk..."

Well today I blew that stinkin' thinkin' out the window and got out for my RiverWalk sans poles...and had a GREAT time! It was another one of those GLORIOUS days in the Southern Tier and I challenged myself, since I was starting late into my lunch hour to nail it quickly. I wasn't satisfied with walking, no matter HOW fast I tried to walk, so kicked it into gear with a jog. Dress shirt and saggy dress pants (42's) being held up by 38 belt...lol! Jogged along the RiverWalk, yanking up my pants now & then yet still really enjoying moving along the 3 mile route in 35 minutes time. After work I had clients to see in my private practice which is also 3 miles away from my day-time work so instead of driving I walked back & forth to this as well. VERY nice day!

On the way home I picked up a tool which I HOPE will help me to straighten out my poles. I also MUST bring shorts & T & towel to work so that if I continue to jog the RiverWalk as it warms up I can at least freshen up as best as possible with a sink...lol!

Today I came across a blog by ILOST150POUNDS (star of the Dr. Oz 100!):


in which she asked a question that got me really thinking...

"Do you think the weight loss part is easier or the weight maintenance part?"

Maintenance is DEFINITELY HARDER for me than losing...! I'm beginning to realize how much I miss that ongoing positive reinforcement of seeing the scale drop, the clothes size drop, the compliments from others (not that I don't get them anymore, but certainly far less frequently). I suspect this was a MAJOY factor in the past when I have regained my weight. Lately I've been lacking the enthusiasm I would like to see in myself. I think this may be at least PART of the reason...! I need to learn new sources of reinforcement and rewards...or perhaps learn a new perspective on what I've accomplished.

I know I have SO APPRECIATED all the support from my SparkFamily! Time to shake off the small stuff and move on to bigger and better things!

Looking forward to joining our local bike club in their roadside clean up efforts this upcoming Saturday and walking in our local Heart Walk on Sunday. I'm hoping to have some fellow members of SparkPeople joining in the fun!


Keep on SPARKING everyone!


ps...forgot to add RUSSLANE's addition to the thoughts on maintenance posted above: "At some point, you have to stop showing off the fat pants. And then what?"

LOVED that comment...it boils it down to the basics of maintenance for me as I KNOW I've been relying TOO MUCH on the 'fat pants!' So 'what's next?' is the struggle...!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love the title of your spark page! It perfectly describes the end result of out weight loss efforts! Thank you for the nice comments you have left on my blogs. I appreciate them.

    I think we are all struggling a little here with finding out what's next. But, I think we all agree that finding out what's next is much better problem to have than how do I lose 100+ pounds!!! Keep up the good work and keep Sparking! I wonder if we will ever wean ourselves from this place?! Birdie.
    2790 days ago
    Very good blog Don. I can so see where maintenance would be a harder period than the losing. You are right, we praise the weight loss we see and tend to frown when we stay sedentary for too long. Maybe once we hit weight loss goal it is time to kick another area of our life in gear for success and link the success in our other part of our lives with our dietary needs. Hmmm.
    2795 days ago
    Very good insight. The best part is you have recognized the issue and are setting on a plan. I laughed along with the vision of your pants falling off. I went for a walk this morning on the Rail Trail as part of the healthy U challenge and I have been yanking up my pants all morning. I also can relate to needing the towel afterwards.

    I have to say that a couple years ago when I rode my bike back and forth to work, it was the mornings that I enjoyed the most. i loved that morning air and the way I felt. it's a great way to start your day.
    2796 days ago
    That's GREAT that you ran your usual walk, baggy pants and all! LOVE IT!!

    Yeah, I'm finding maintenance to be tough for all the reasons you list. Seeing the scale drop is what gave me my drive. Being fairly new to maintaining this weight, I'm still learning the ropes about what it takes, mentally, to sustain my new body. It really is a shift, though, as there is no end in sight. No specific "goal". Now, I have to find what works to motivate me for the long haul.

    Good luck fixing your poles! Keep on moving! emoticon emoticon
    2796 days ago
    Glad you are getting it back together again, Don. Things seem to sometimes run in cycles. The weather is a big factor. I still abhor the thought of using the treadmill after being able to be outside!! You are doing so great!! Isn't Diane's blog great! She's maintained for going on 13 years now. Awesome.

    Greetings from Chicago--love it here!
    2796 days ago
    You are amazing, Don. Your self-talk and encouragement of others (ME!) is heroic! Oh yeah...maintenance is the hardest! That's why I keep picking up and losing that same twenty friggin' pounds (wow...just thinkin' of a twentypound bag of POTATOES gives me the creeps!)

    Thanks for being here among us and offering so much on the journey!
    2796 days ago
    Yes please go an bike in the mornings. I do it weather or no weather yet again I don't wear those pants you do so I understand it is too cold but can't you get a longer one.....:) Goodluck!
    2796 days ago
    Hi Don,first of all thankyou soooo much...you definitely are a good friend and you make me believe that i too have a sparkfamily...wow you have got an excellent locale....you can go outside and walk ,jog ,cycle wow..ask me how it feels to stay indoors all the time especially in this weather here in the middle east...i just wonder how fun and refreshing your life must be...take advantage of what you have and dont let negative thoughts overpower you....whenever you do so think of me as to where i am and how i wish i too had the previlege of such a wonderful weather...

    As for Dr.Oz, yes i read his book you on a diet,its worth reading....

    Just think positive and try to maintain your weight ,when you have come this far you might as well maintain it...make weight maintenance your hobby and try to enjoy it....i learnt all this here on spark...
    2796 days ago
    Hi Don,

    I think maintance is harder than losing weight as well. The motivation is gone cause you dont have visable results and dont have comments from others how good you look.

    Hopefully you get the motivation back soon, cause your doing a great job. If i look at your pics im amazed how you have changed!

    2796 days ago
    The best gift Sparkpeople gives is making everyone in this struggle THINK. It forces us to think about, not just what, but why we have such difficulty with weight. It's great that you've got this down. The easier it is for you to recognize when you're slipping and to find ways out of the mental rut, the faster progress or maintenance can ensue. You're amazing Don :)
    2796 days ago
    GREAT job on lifting yourself out of the 'blah' period, Don!! Thanks for the forewarning for this bigger that the road ahead in maintenance has its challenges. Have you thought to have a couple of pictures handy.. the before and after to keep you motivated? Can you start an office walking club?
    2796 days ago
  • FRECKS96
    WTG on finding the Spark today! It's so hard when the weather is cold and dreary. Hopefully we're in for a nice stretch and can enjoy it.
    2796 days ago
    I agree that maintenance isn't as easy as I thought it would be for all the very reasons you listed. I do enjoy mentoring others in their journeys and find that it motivates me to keep my weight off as well. Way to bust a move over lunch today! I hope you get your Nordic poles fixed too.
    2796 days ago
    Good for you Don! You lifted yourself up against all the "blahs" and owned the day! I'm very proud of you!!!

    Have fun on your Heart Walk!

    2796 days ago
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