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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

After 3 months on Sparkpeople I took a day off. This is the longest I have ever gone on a calorie intake this low and the first 2 months I did well on weight loss. The third month has been a bust despite maintaining the healthy diet.

Yes, I know I am not getting enough exercise. I am working on that but the going has been slow. I don't mind much changing what I am eating or keeping track of the calories and nutrients but I have a deeply ingrained resistance to anything governed by a clock. I don't like going to bed, getting up, scheduled meals and a specific time I must stop everything and exercise.

My sister says it's genetic, that I run on Indian time. Maybe, but I tend to think there was something way back that made me attach my feelings of independence to not having anything or anyone control "when" I did something. I can remember when I was very young rebelling against teachers telling me "how" to do something when I felt my way made better sense. I keep digging trying to find the "when I do something" key but it doesn't surface.

It is also very likely the reason I am self-employed. I do accounting but have always preferred working in the middle of the night so my days start around noon and usually end when it starts to get light outside.

But getting back to the food holiday, I am sure the growing frustration of not losing much this last month is a contributing factor but I was handling that until I went to the doctor yesterday and had to have a cortisone injection in my shoulder (at least I won't have to have surgery). The physical pain was too much at that point and I went straight to the Olive Garden and had a Spinach-Artichoke dip appetizer for lunch. I could probably have kept my calories within range by choking up on the rest of the day but I'm a type 2 diabetic and my blood glucose levels depend on my eating 5 or 6 times a day and getting a certain amount of carbohydrates each time I eat.

The result of all this is the first day in 3 months I have exceeded my calorie range. I realize I have not exceeded it by a huge amount but it still irritates me because I know that it did not help break this plateau. If the diet grinches were around I have probably gained a pound because we all know it takes eliminating 3500 calories to lose a pound and overeating by 350 calories to gain one!

Note to self - make sure I get enough exercise today to burn the extra calories from yesterday.
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    I also have a hard time conforming to someone else's clock or calendar! I'm a night owl too and have spent my lifetime trying to be at work at 8:00 -- pfooey! Self-employment works very well for people like us!

    I bet you find that you've lost some weight after your "vacation". Sometimes our bodies adjust to lower calories and start saving up for the next famine. By changing up like that, you might have given your body the message that it's OK to let go of some more weight.

    I have shoulder troubles too, but since I don't have insurance I haven't been to the doctor. I'm taking shark cartilage capsules and glucosamine/chondritin and they really help!
    2861 days ago
    sounds like you have it under control we all have to cheat once in a while glad you don't have to have surgery. i have trouble with my shoulder to i'm going to PT 12 times and now 12 more hope it will be ok by them wish you well take care and thanks for you kind words on my blog emoticon emoticon
    2865 days ago
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