Friday, April 16, 2010

I've been doing a TON of self - reflection over the last week or two. It really is interesting to see what I can come up with when I put my mind to it!

So, last night, my fiance came to bed and was talking about dinner for tonight. We've both had this week off of work, so it's our mini - vacation. He's a big one for splurging on weekends anyway, but since it's our vacation, he's even more interested. He'd like to have wings tonight. The last time we did that, of course, I went over board and ate way too much. Since I've been officially diagnosed with high blood pressure (which is really upsetting to me since I'm only 28), I can't afford to go overboard. Luckily, I know in advance so I can make efforts to eat well all day long so I can afford the calories to splurge this evening and I can have a plan for the wings. I will go into the meal knowing I'm going to have X number of wings, and that's that. I will have a salad , or something else lower in calories to fill up my hunger.

I've complained for a while about my fiance's bad eating habits, and yes, if he ate better, it would be easier for me. But the truth is, it's all me (even though blaming is easier)! I can choose to give in or not to. I can choose to have a plan for when he wants to pig out or not. The blame game doesn't help anyone since I'm the only one who can make the decisions in my life. I can choose to do what's best for me, or I can choose to go down the easy route, which only ends up being harder in the long run. I can let little things like the clutter in my living room get set on the side lines and work on projects around the house/yard and worry about the clutter some other time (by the way, if anyone has ANY advice about how to do that, PLEASE let me know because it really does drive me crazy). My world is only what I make of it and I can't change anyone but me and that's not easy!

I'm using this as a way to help myself set limits tonight about chicken wings. I will check in tomorrow with my success or defeat. However, knowing that many people can read this and will be wondering, is more powerful than one person sitting next to me telling me it'll be ok to eat more. I can eat yummy foods and still lose weight, because when I try to give them up totally, I cause fights and unnecessary stress with my fiance and I just give in and end up bingeing anyway!
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  • MABTE52
    I love wings too! I think the problem is that we need to eat everything but in moderation! You will do well I am sure of that!
    2871 days ago
    OMG...I JUST wrote a blog about this same subject! We eat out every single weekend and yes, you DO have to moderate what you eat, but YOU CAN EAT OUT!!! And yes, you can HAVE moderation!

    My husband is about 40 pounds overweight...and I have been trying everything I can since January to get him to eat healthy...and he just isn't ready yet...BUT he is VERY quick to blame me for him not being able to stick to it..."Well, you bought the stuff!" Uh...yup...I certainly DID buy that box of Special K Vanilla Almond cereal...that you ate the ENTIRE box of in TWO days (yup...not making that up...17 servings of cereal in 2 days...and NO that is not all he ate).

    So, now when he complains about his weight and being miserable and whining about all the pills he takes, I just tell him "It is your choice to change it". Last night he asked me "Where do you get your energy???" I said "Healthy eating and exercise". He wasn't amused LOL
    2871 days ago
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