Lets all be less "Me" today.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I have been at this for about 3 weeks now trying to make serious changes to my lifestyle for good is quite difficult. Living a a primarily selfishness society of indulgence and "want" i'm used to having the means to get and do what i want. Seriously i think of it that way, we eat what we want and drink what we want and wear what we want and pretty much do what we want (or Not-do for that matter.) Don't get me wrong I LOVE AMERICA!!! But we really are quite enabled. Most of us know no need. It's my new Goal each day to eliminate the things i dont NEED! And the key thought is NEED! If i can offer more that i need to offer it to people that *CANT* Not *WONT* meet their own needs. I really donate to certain charities like Goodwill and etc. The places i like to concentrate is where people are working, YES WORKING and still not making ends meet. Less for me and more for them. I have enough.
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    This is a great Blog and you are so correct.. I also like what Bill added. along with we also tend to create much clutter and with this clutter we also loose our focus on what we need and want..
    we need to get back to the simple life and remove the clutter and wants from our lives.

    Thank you for Sharing
    2674 days ago
    I believe highly in recycling and I guess I take it to a bit of the extreme, instead of buying things new I try to buy used things like off Craigs List and stuff like that, I do all my home improvements myself with my family, like my fiancée and I worked all week and this weekend on framing and pouring our own concrete slab for a used hot tub i got for the practically stolen price of $200.00. The work has been hard but they said, we dont want it, it's going to the dump. I thought well this is great, as i get older my back hurts more and more as well as my sweetheart's elbows and lower back. we could sure use this very nice machine and why destroy it and throw it out. So to work we go. It will get lots of use and be well insinuated and cared for. It's not just the trash you can recycle, Beds, furniture, electrical items, you name it. :)

    Good will loves me to death. I contribute and buy and I love the fact they employ people that have special needs that are great employee's.

    My Philosophy is clean it up and use it up, break it down when it's good and dead and recycle.
    2674 days ago
    Great Blog! Truly wish that more people would be like this (sad to myself included most of the time), life would be so much more enjoyable for all! Thanks for the kids will unknowingly be grateful to you today!

    2679 days ago
    I couldn't agree more. We are a blessed country. A few years ago I worked in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned to appreciate what I had when I saw what others did not have. But what really hit me happened when I got back to SE Washington state and was helping a friend move to a new apartment. When I went looking for boxes for him to use in the packing process, I discovered that every (yes....every!) grocery store that I went to looking for boxes had people digging through the food that was thrown out in the store's dumpster. They knew that Saturday mornings were when the stores discarded "old" meat and other things that went past the expiration date. I was floored to see adults and kids digging out food. Then I truly realized how blessed I am. And I realized how wasteful we can be! Nothing in my decision making process has ever been the same since that day.

    Thanks for the blog!

    I hope that you have a great rest of the week....Bill

    2684 days ago
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