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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Well here I am again...Since the last blog...I've spent several visits to the Wound Care Clinic with therapist Paula. By the time I got to her...both legs had large open sores on them...and she has put me in special "boots", which she removes...cleans the wounds and re-applies another boot. I've had the boots off for about 2 weeks, but need to keep pads over the wound area on the right leg. Now the right leg is back to acting up again, so I will be seeing her on Friday. emoticon

She has instructed me to get compression stockings 30/40 strength...Medicare covers them, because I have open wounds...so last Wednesday I got the 1st pair and have been reluctant to try to put them on...but because I have a recurrence on the right leg...she told me to get them on or at least something which will decrease the swelling. Part of the reason we have been stalling...is that I wanted to make sure the dead skin and toenails were cleaned up...not being able to clean them makes a nasty looking foot and a challenge to not re-injure the VERY sensitive skin. Oh...by the way...the "condition" is called "venous stasis ulcers"...so watch your legs if they swell...because it is not a fun thing and is extremely painful.

So yesterday...we cleaned the feet and toenails (Art and I) and soaked the skin to try to get the skin soft enough to scrub a little and soften the nails. We got 1 stocking on the left leg...which was very painful and only took us an hour or longer...they are very TIGHT stockings. emoticon We waited a little while and proceeded to work on the right side...after more than an hour of struggling and dealing with unbearable pain...we let it "rest" while he ran to the store...by the time he got back, I was in terrible pain (I DO have a very high pain tolerance) emoticon emoticon emoticonbut this was too much. We then decided to remove it and let the whole leg rest. When things had settled a bit we put on some stockings which had been my dads', but which are not so tight.

I will laying down for my computer time after I get done with this blog, so will not be typing...as I have found that to be very challenging emoticon. As for the folks suggesting sitting in a recliner...been there, done that....it doesn't work because I can't get out of it when I need to and that brings on other challenges emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Now this turtle needs to get the legs elevated...so that's it for now.

Oh by the way...one good thing is that I lost 13 pounds between February and March...now to keep it off.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    Kathy, I just came across your blog today as I was checking my friends list. I hadn't been active for quite a while but just recently decided to give it another try. I was reading your blog and this blog, though outdated, was of interest to me. I have also developed s stasis ulcer on my left leg and I do have a lot of swelling. So far I have been trying to treat it myself but think that I will probably have to end up going to a wound center. I put it off because I don't want to deal with those stockings. There is no way that I would be able to put them on myself and my husband is just too rough to let him do it. I also have trouble with the recliner chair. My legs are not long enough to sit back in it, and if I do get in it, I can't reach the lever to lay it back. They have electric recliners and remote controlled ones. They cost a lot but I am just about desperate enough to spend the money. How are your legs doing now? Has the wound center treatment helped? You might be interested in joining the group, "Living With Lymphedema" Just about everyone in the group is dealing with or has dealt with the stasis ulcer. The group has been a big help to me. Well, it was good to see that you are posting occasionally and I will try to keep up with you. Maggie
    2825 days ago
    Kathy ~ I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this!!!! Take care of yourself & do what you need to to get healed so that you will be back with us!! I miss your smiling face!!!! LOL LOL!!!! You are in my thoughts & prayers!!!!
    Hugzz ~ Jae emoticon
    2867 days ago
    Kathy, perhaps a compression stocking of 15-20 would do some benefit and not be as difficult to put on. After my foot surgery I was told to get the higher compression but my insurance wouldn't pay so I bought knee-highs at the grocery store and they worked. It seems such a struggle for you to put these stocking on. Could you possibly "wrap" your legs with "Ace" bandages so you could control the compression?
    I can see that you are doing everything you can to heal and that's about all you can do for now. Keep up the good work!!
    2868 days ago
    I have missed hearing from you! I am so sorry that your legs are still causing you so much discomfort. I am praying that you heal quickly and that you can get the stocking on and wear them without too much pain!
    2868 days ago
    Kathy, so sorry you are going through so much with your legs and feet. emoticon weight loss, keep it up, the extra weight on your legs aren't helping you as I am sure you have been told. Hope you can work on getting the stockings on. One of my Son In Laws has to wear them as does as a DIL. Fran wears one on his foot and ankle when it swells sometimes when he has been walking a long time. You are not alone. Sending healing prayers your way. Hugs. Pat
    2869 days ago
    Kathy, so sorry you are having this trouble and pain. I do hope they can find something that will help with the swelling without having to wear the very tight stockings, we have the same problem with mum's left leg
    2869 days ago
    You're in my thoughts and prayers, Kathy! I've had to wear compression stockings - not fun!

    Hugs! Beverly
    2869 days ago
    Kathy, I am so sorry you are going through all of this. I ahd no idea. It's also the same stuff my brother has been daling with and what put him in the hospital in the first place. He's ahd parts of his foot amputated twice. Please do everything the wound care nurse Paula instructs you to do.

    Keep in touch, friend!
    2870 days ago
  • GRAMMIE1959
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2870 days ago
    Kathy can you take the stockings with you maybe the therapist can help you with them. I hope you get control of this pain soon I know you have high pain tolerance but you shouldnt have to need it
    2870 days ago
  • 11-RENEWAL-20
    Kathy...I am so sorry you are having so much pain. I will continue to pray that you heal soon. What an ordeal for you and Art! emoticon emoticon Sharon J
    2870 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2870 days ago
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