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Hit My Goal Weight!!!! Wow

Friday, April 09, 2010

Well as of this morning. I currently weigh 160lbs. I can honestly say the last 10lbs have been the hardest, I hit a plateau for almost a year in fact. So I am thrilled with all the progress over the last few months. I can see my body changing, getting stronger, getting muscle lines I didn't have before. When I went clothes shopping for spring/summer I fit in size 8 shorts/capris in every store. I don't know why but for some reason getting to that single digit was a goal for me. So I've lost 180lbs and 91.5 inches from the places I measure. My BMI (even though I know it really isn't that accurate of a measurement went from 50.2 to now being 23.6. And I dropped from a 26/28 to a size 8.

Beginning stats Current Stats
Chest 49 36
Stomach 45 32.5
Abdomen 58.5 36
Hips 60 40
Thighs 26.5 19.25
Arms 15.5 11
Weight 340 160

I am thrilled with all my progress. This has been an amazing journey that I never in a million years thought it would end up where it did. If you have known me here on spark for awhile then you know my beginning goal was not to be 160 in the beginning. In fact it was to be able to wear a size 18 so I could fit in normal clothes. Then it dropped to being 199, I just wanted to see that 1 on the scale. Then it became to get to a normal BMI. Then it changed to 160lbs. So in my normal pattern, here we go for another goal, to hit 155. So if you see my ticker change in the next few weeks, that is why. I still think my body is capable of changing and I'd like to let it see this through to the end.

*** I'm 5'9 btw for those that were wondering, I've gotten a few spark mails asking.
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