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Day 95: If the Pants Fit, Wear 'em

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I’m a simple girl. I like simple things. Salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, and zipping up my pants…

Every week for the last month, I have been trying on the smallest size pants in my closet to see if they will fit – size 13/14.

First, I could pull them up to mid-thigh.

Then, I could pull them all the way up my legs, but my bedunkedunk was just a little too luscious to fit too; and I was dangerously close to breaking a pelvis bone if I exhaled.

But yesterday, I slipped those pants on, zipped them and sat down with no obvious PBC (plumber’s bum crack) showing.


The only thing better is going to Easter dinner at someone’s house…

Strange menu... No tracker to rely on...

And still nailing my calorie intake to the wall - 1,290 calories to be exact. Yes, I ate 5 pieces of chocolate, a piece of cake, 3 deviled eggs, etc.

I looked at the grub and did some quick math.

[oddly, my best math skills happen figuring out sale prices and how many deviled eggs I can eat]

And I counted in my head the approximate calories and I ate that amount. Simple.

[I rock deviled egg/chocolate bunny math. Woot!]

For years I was an all-or-nothing person.

If I missed a workout, then I would quit. If I ate salad for 6 weeks but had a chocolate 1 day, I would quit. If I couldn’t live up to the insane standards I created, I would quit.

Quit on my dreams, quit on my body, quit on myself

Quit on all the things I claimed I wanted out of life – like freedom, happiness, and love

Because I set myself up to fail by setting unrealistic standards

Because I thought I had to be perfect to succeed

When all I had to do was set reasonable goals, work consistently and then be patient.

Like have bucket loads of patience, okay - oceans of patience [but that’s just part of the gig]

[and a little deviled egg/chocolate bunny math doesn’t hurt either…]

So size 11/12 pants here I come!

And this time I am not trying to be perfect

I am just keeping my goals simple and achievable

Simple is easy.

So easy.

And it actually works.

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