Here I go..For good this time!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Tonight I am entering a Biggest Loser Contest here in my small town. I officially weigh in this evening. I cannot begin to tell you all how excited I am to finally get this started. The contest runs from April 5-September 30. The winner of this contest gets a BRAND NEW CAR! How stinkin' awesome is that? What a great motivation this is for me.

I am a super competitive person, so I really think I will do well with this. Over 100 people are entered in this. I figure that half will drop out just because they will get bored or discouraged. I will not be among them. So that leaves about 50 people to compete with. I know for sure that I will be in the top ten. I am nervous about having to compete with men, based on the fact that they just lose faster.

In order to stay in the contest, we all must complete 3 fitness classes and 1 nutrition class per week at their facility. I love that I 'have' to do this, because it will really keep me accountable. I must weigh in on Mondays. I am not happy about having to weigh in the evening (I never have before), but I cannot change that fact.

Here is how I am going to win this contest (at least top ten for me):

1) No Alcohol (I love my wine)
2) No Diet Coke
3) Eat 100% Clean (have already been doing it about 75%)
4) Workout at least 6 days a week
5) Wear my BodyBugg and faithfully calculate calories/calories burned
6) Let everyone know I am doing this (do not hide it)
7) Journal and write down what I eat (everything, no matter what)
8) Drink 100 ounces of water a day

I am so excited!!!!!!
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