Betcha Can't Eat Just One

Friday, April 02, 2010

“Betcha can’t eat just one.” The older folks amongst us remember that as an advertising slogan pushing a particular brand of potato chips, and I am here to tell you they were deeelicious! I know because when I was a kid I devoured many a bag of them. They didn’t call me the potato chip kid for nothing.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. We all have foods which are particularly hazardous to deal with. Our dieting success is dependant on our ability to do so. For me those foods are doughnuts, chocolate, pizza, and the infamous potato chips. When I first started watching my diet, I steadfastly rejected even the thought of eating them, feeling that anything short of total abstinence would lead to failure.

Months later, with success and a collection of healthy new habits under my belt, I decided to give them a try. I met each challenge in different ways with varying degrees of success. I resoundly rejected my first and only doughnut of my new lifestyle. It tasted sickenly greasy and sweet, leaving me craving a pear. No more of those. Situation resolved.

I handled chocolate by only eating the finest, but rarely. I keep it out of the house and buy the occasional single piece at a specialty store or a four-pack sampler. It makes a lovely treat and I don’t particularly crave it. Situation resolved.

I handled pizza by making my own rather than sending out or going out for one. This way I control the ingredients and portions (no leftovers calling out to me in the middle of the night). Mine are delicious and almost healthy. And I don’t make them too often. Situation resolved.

Next up: potato chips. I approached them last and very carefully, buying a bag for a barbeque. I figured I would have a small serving along with my carefully pre-tracked meal. Boy did I get that wrong.

They were so good!!! I ate way more than I had planned, though far less than I used to. When I tracked them, I was appalled to find that what I had eaten raised my calorie level to THREE TIMES my allotment for the whole day. I won’t even mention the other nutritional stats. And I was seriously craving more!

The next day I was up two pounds (granted some of that was water retention from the salt, but it took me days to recover). Then—horrors—I ate some more. Situation unresolved.

So now comes the next challenge. “Betcha can’t eat just NONE!”

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  • PUTER98
    I think the best way to handle your problem with potato chips is to approach it just the same way you did with doughnuts. You have to see potato chips for what they are. Greasy , salty and laden with useless calories. Picture in your mind something very repulsive and associate it to potato chips.
    Try it ... it just might work for you. It does for me.
    2904 days ago
    I think we were twins separated at birth! Like you, I can buy an occasional piece of Godiva chocolate and be satisfied. I make my own pizza too. It's the salty good chps that would get me everytime. I tried buying the reduced fat kind occasionally and have my hubby portion them out on my plate and then put the bag away, because I give the baked ones emoticon , but I can think of so many other things I'd rather eat than those few portioned chips that I just gave them up altogether. They are one of my "red light foods".
    Give 'em up, Jim. They aren't worth it!

    2905 days ago
    I think potato chips are one of my danger foods too. Just reading your blog I could imagine eating an entire bag. I couldn't really imagine eating just a few. I stay far away from potato chips, I have to say.
    2905 days ago
    Yeah...I hear you. We all have our weaknesses. Way to go on resolving the first three though. You'll figure this one out too. Have you tried baked chips instead?
    2905 days ago
    emoticon i know what you mean there is something that we all love that with 1 it just isn't enough. I don't like emoticon doughnuts at all emoticon call me crazy but never did like them, every once in a while I'll try a plain yes I said a plain doughnut and I always feel blah when I do.

    I do like potato chips and I do stick to 1 serving when I do eat them. I did find a chip that was better then all the other chips and has less calories there called POP Chips and I do like them. They have them in BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Parmesan & Garlic, Salt & Pepper & Sour Cream & Onion, quite a variety.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2905 days ago
    Uh oh, I guess that puts me in the old man club. I remember the Lay's commercials. I'm a chip-a-holic too. I had/have a particular love for Doritos. I recently had a handful of Doritos. They weren't as good as I remembered. They didn't make me sick, but I was kinda like "meh".

    Right now, I get all hot and bothered by a heaping bowl of bran flakes with some Almond milk. WHA?!?!? Did I just say that.

    I think I have a stronger affection for these than I did Doritos. Weird.
    2905 days ago
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