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Day 90: The Man Parts

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday I went to a fundraiser…food, wine, cheese, entertainment, the whole bit. Mostly, I was there for the Cher impersonator.

But there were 2 billion other acts to sit through first…

The high school choir walked on stage as if they were approaching a guillotine. They looked like they were hostages forced to sing for their lives. They screeched through TWO [yes, 2] songs from the musical, Wicked.

[note to self: TOM makes me a less tolerant human being for sure]

I covertly whisper to my friend in a volume only a dog could hear: “How is it possible they are this horrible?”

[I swear the hostages really could not hear me. I was sitting way in the back.]

My friend with 2 young daughters explains: “Honey, when you have kids you will learn there are different levels of torture, and really my kids’ violin recitals are much worse.”

[note to self: Steer all offspring into non-musical hobbies.]

It seemed like ions passed before Cher appeared in all his/her fabulous glory, wearing a floor-length lavender fur coat, bejeweled with sparkling things and knee-high platform boots. Makeup = fabulous. Attitude = diva. Cher was putting on show. Go Cher. You rock!

Suddenly, Cher whips off the lavender fur, revealing a skintight purple bejeweled leotard. Like a magician s/he made his/her man parts disappear. The whole man part situation was simply fascinating. Cher still rocked the house though. And it was a blast.

Ninety days ago I didn’t even think I was capable of any kind of social life

Let alone hilariously fun nights filled with man parts and lip-syncing and the vocally-challenged

Ninety days ago I was sitting on my bed with fast and junk food on my nightstand

Attempting to drown my pain and convince myself that settling was enough

And then I found the spark and the realization that I could restart my life

And the fact that I had the power to change my life all along

For me this journey has always been about finding a full life, not just losing weight

Some days are easier than others

But I always know that I have the choice to let go of the old baggage or let it bury me.

I can always choose.

And I am choosing to be free.

I am choosing to be happy.

I am choosing to live.
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