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Another week of accomplishments

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Here's a picture of me back in early October with my family. I was beefier then.

Though not as many as I would have liked... this week will be better.

These are my accomplishments for last week:
1) Stayed within my calorie range 5 of 7 days.
2) Exercised 4 days.
3) Did strength training 2 days (GOAL ACCOMPLISHED)
4)Glowing comment to Halen 4 days
5) Earned over 175 Sparkpoints GOAL ACCOMPLISHED
6) Organized most of my quals outline
7) Wrote about 3 pages in 3 days of my quals paper
8) Wrote my 2400 exam
9) Wrote my 251 exam, lectures, and review
10) Wrote 3350 project guidelines
11) Drank 5 cups water 3 days this week
12) Updated curriculum vita for probation meeting
13) Took beating at probation meeting but started writing anyway
14) Tracked my food every day!
15) Tried new recipes, like mjadra (yum...)
16) Down to 187 lbs - lost 18 lbs total!
17) Ate only 1 treat at night - 1 piece of chocolate, or s'mores.
18) Printed more quals articles.
19) Wore makeup and styled hair.
20) Cleaned the house.

Things I missed:
1) stay within calorie range 6 out of 7 days. I went over by 69 calories one day, and about 500 or 600 calories another day - that was a party, and I had some pizza and cake. It was the only day I've really gone over in awhile... which is why I've been doing so well! Now I need to pick myself up and not dwell on it, but not let it become a problem either.
2) Exercise 15 minutes 5 days /week. It's so much easier to exercise when it's nice outside, because then I like to go for walks and enjoy the fresh air. Walking when it's cold and rainy really sucks!
3) Drink 5 cups water 5 days in a row. Well... the in a row didn't happen, so then I thought I would at least try to get 5 days at all... and came up one short! This week instead of trying to drink 5 cups plain water, I'm going to try 5 cups of anything non-caffeinated. So, today I had a few glasses of plain water, and I had 3 cups of tea. Maybe that will help, since I don't really like plain water.
4) Glowing comment to Halen every day. I had PMS, and I've been stressed and tired. No one's been getting much out of me, but it's still not right. I need to be more encouraging to him. Now that I feel better, I will be better about that this week.
5) One-on-one with Avery. Hanging out with Avery is my favorite thing to do... I need to do it more.
6) Talk with Airin 3 days. I feel like we're in 2 separate worlds sometimes, and it's very lonely. I want to talk to him, but he's doing other crap. When I tell him about my goals, he says that's great and all... actually the other day I was feeling a little down, and he gave me a list of good things I was doing, and that did make me feel better. So maybe he is listening to me...

So... this week was kind of rocky. I missed a few of my goals, but I did not completely biff or anything... it was a B week, which is still above average. This week needs to be an A week though!

So far this week, I've shaved off a chunk of my pinky fingernail (how!?). But I did write about 3 pages of my quals paper today, so that's good - and one of my most difficult sections of the paper too. I want to get this done so bad so I can be like "FVCl{ you Darth Vader!!!"

Here are my goals for this week:
1) Eat within calorie range 6 of 7 days (this is Easter week, so I'll be going to my in-laws... I usually come home 4 lbs heavier)
2) Exercise 15 mins/day 5 days/wk.
3) Drink 5 cups water/day 5 days/week. This can include tea or crystal light.
4) Glowing comment to Halen every day. Seriously? I need to stop being such a cranky-a$$.
5) One-on-one with Avery daily. Why is my favorite person in the whole world getting pushed down to the bottom of the to-do list?
6) Talk to Airin 3 days. It doesn't have to be lengthly. I miss him anyway.
7) Write some quals paper 5 days. As long as I write every day, it will get done quickly.
8) Earn 175 sparkpoints. Keeps me motivated!
9) 3 fruits/veggies per day. I think I usually do this, but once in awhile I won't really eat much produce... this week when I'm at my in-laws, it will hopefully help me stay on track with my goals.

I can totally do these!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    you have a lot on your plate right now.
    I'm exhausted reading this.
    Please keep things as simple as possible.
    Hormonally and physically it takes like a year to return to pre-prgnancy, doesn't it?
    Relax- breathe deeply- enjoy each day.
    You really only have this moment for sure.
    2762 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/29/2010 10:56:23 PM
    Wow! You have accomplished a LOT in one week! Congrats on it all, and I hope next week is just as productive!!!

    2763 days ago
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