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Radio Head

Sunday, March 28, 2010

One of the down sides to biking is being unable to use my mp3 player for tunes while I'm on the road. However a "trick" I've been using at times has been to play my tunes in my mind's "ear" as though I AM wearing an mp3 player. Sometimes it can be a bit garbled, sorta like George Carlin's old skit where he's turning the radio dial through the channels...lol, but other times it helps me to keep on keepin' on, like having a radio in my head.

Makes me wonder about those who go on long distance touring bike rides of hundreds of miles a day as to how they do it and what goes on in one's mind during all those hours of biking.

Haven't had the kind of time I'd like to have for biking just yet...waiting for it to be light enough in the morning for me to be able to safely start biking back and forth to work.

Yesterday's ride convinced me that even though I never needed them before with my other bike, I'm going to HAVE to invest in a pair of biking shorts...YEOUCH! Even after 5 days off the bike, the pain came back in a hurry! Still was great to get out again, even at a nippy 38 degrees!

I've been on a dried bean streak lately and almost ALWAYS cooking up either a soup or making my own hummus...which is so CHEAP compared to the OUTRAGEOUS prices for hummus at the stores! Died garbanzos and other beans are far less expensive than the canned varieties and no BPAs to worry about...yum! Love to spice it up with the cumin, jalapeno, crushed red pepper, LOTS of black pepper, chili powder, etc. Great for dipping my veggies...!

Looking forward to warmer temps this week...everyone keep on SPARKIN'! :-)

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    Couldn't resist emoticon emoticon
    2912 days ago
    On a busy road I sometimes put in one ear plug so I can hear in one ear and just keep the volume down a little low on the other when I am out there running.

    Your homemade hummus sounds yummy.
    2915 days ago
    I think I would invest in an ipod speaker for the bike if I was riding in a long distance touring bike ride. I love to listen to the tunes while walking. A couple of years ago I rode my bike to and from work. It was about 6 miles each way. I loved the morning ride.

    Speaking of beans, we made the best Spicy Black Bean soup this weekend.
    2915 days ago
    When I used to ride my bike, I would find that I would do a lot of "interior singing" while I rode. That helped to pass the time. Also, when I did longer rides, I would just do lots of thinking about things - that helped too.
    2915 days ago
  • BEKKI42
    Keep up the good work you are truly an inspiration!
    2916 days ago
    This is a comment on Sveltington's comment: For me, I want both ears available when I'm biking. I ride on the shoulders (mostly) of the roads, and I need to be constantly aware of what's happening - so do car drivers, of course, but bicyclists are more vulnerable in that they're not protected by a car frame, they're harder for drivers to see, and sometimes drivers harass them. The guy behind me - might he pass me and do a right turn, cutting me off (a cousin of mine - wearing earbuds in both ears - was killed a few years ago this way)? Or if I need to make a left turn - does the driver who's approaching see me? Having music on my handlebars would be slightly distracting, but having the music in even one ear would distract me even more. I've had enough close calls (sometimes the driver's fault, sometimes mine) where I'd rather be too cautious than not cautious enough.
    That being said, when I snowshoe I wear my earbuds. And I often wear them cross-country skiing as well. And I refuse to jog without them!
    2916 days ago
    I'm pretty sure my SwiMP3 player would work on a bike. And the bonus is that since it transmits sound through my cheekbones, it doesn't cover my ears and block out other sounds.

    But I've never ridden with music. I do find spinning songs coming to mind and playing over and over, though. LOL!

    Mostly there's a dialogue going on between me and my body. We discuss things such as:

    - the fact that my seat feels awfully hard although I'm *sure* I felt padding in it,
    - the lactic acid buildup in my quads,
    - my toes going numb,
    - whether or not I can push a little faster / raise the cadence,
    - what that car up ahead is likely to do,
    - how far we are,
    - whether to cut the loop short or keep going,
    - to watch out for that pothole / glass / dead oppossum up ahead, etc.
    2916 days ago
    I have never been on a bicycle. Why can't you listen to your mp3. I listen to mine in the car but only put it in one ear. Even in both ears I can still gear sirens and horns.
    Yum! Hummus! I have been experimenting making my own too.
    2916 days ago
    Hasn't somebody invented a bike helmet with tunes in it yet? I love Humus but haven't attempted to make my own. Perhaps you could blog your recipe??
    2916 days ago
    I see cyclists using one earbud sometimes, but I think that would still be dangerous. I've thought about getting a small pair of speakers to clip to my handlebars or fanny pack but haven't done it. Don, if you end up doing something like that please report how they work for you! I, too, miss having my music when I'm out riding.
    2916 days ago
    LOL! I thought I was the only one that did that with tunes! Talk about coincidence, right now, as I post, I'm listening to different upbeat tunes before I take my after-breakfast walk! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2916 days ago
    The mornings are getting lighter little by little now! It won't be long! Leftover beans make good "refried" beans for tortillas and tostadas, too! Hubby was raised on them (9 kids) so he is happy to have them any time. You're a busy fellow between your bike and your Nordic walking! Life's good! emoticon
    2916 days ago
    2916 days ago
    I assume you don't use headphones because of the danger of using them in traffic. But I think you can get a little clip-on radio for your handlebars that might work. Or can you just use one earbud?

    I'm also a fan of dried beans lately...you can even freeze them. Cheap and the salt content is zilch.

    Have a good Sunday,
    2916 days ago
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