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Fat Burning Foods?!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Okay so this morning I was getting ready for work. (boo) As I do every morning I was listening to my morning radio show. (106.1 Kiss FM) There is one girl on the show named Jenna that is always doing research on things that are interesting/helpful to know.

Well this morning just happened to be about weight loss. I can't remember every little thing that was said, well because I was getting ready concentrating on not screwing up on my make up and well I suffer from CRS. (Can't Remember S***!) I blame my even younger days ;)!

I did manage to remember the last thing they said about fat burning foods. Basically they speed up your metabolism when you eat them. The first one they said was garlic. I'm assuming this does not mean garlic powder :( The second one was chili peppers, which I've heard this before about spicey things being able to speed up your metabolism. The last one which is the major one. The thing was if you eat this before every meal it blocks like 75% of the fat in the meal!!!! I was thinking GREAT! I'LL DO IT! But when I heard what it was I thought differently. It's seaweed! Now, I do love food but I just don't know about this. I guess it would be worth it, but man I just don't know. They had Big Al try it on the show and he made an awful sound when put it in his mouth. Also he said it melted on his tongue! (THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!)

Anyways....has anyone ever heard about the seaweed before? Or tried it? Apparently it comes in different flavors, but I'm from the country and seaweed as food just sounds nuts! But I'll prolly try it, and I'll let you all know how it was and if it works. That is, if I can stand it long enough to see results!
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    Honestly, I trust Jillian Michaels on this sort of subject, and she's said that all those "negative calorie/fat burning food" claims are false. And I do personally find it hard to believe that any food "blocks fat". Cayenne (or hot pepper) and garlic increase blood flow in the body, which helps the body detoxify more quickly. Both are very good to have when you're sick, as cayenne raises the body temperature, which helps kill bacteria and garlic creates a sulphuric environment in your body (this also unfortunately gives you bad breath) which kills bacteria. Both make your body an uncomfortable place for bad bacteria, so the bacteria cells are weakened and don't multiply as quickly, so your body has an easier time defeating the bacteria. So, these foods do help the body detoxify, which does aid in weight loss. But I just don't buy the "block fat" claim".

    That said, seaweed IS healthy and has many nutrients that may help the body detoxify and function at an optimal level, but it's not worth eating if you hate it. I am one of those crazy vegetarians who loves asian flavors (seaweed included), so I do eat nori. But even for me, I can't eat it regularly, I only eat it when I crave it. It does have a strong taste, and the texture is one you either hate or love.
    2381 days ago
    I've eaten seaweed when it's with sushi. Eat some with a helping of sushi and you won't taste it. :)
    2402 days ago
  • KAYWEB555
    Thanks, but no thanks ! I just couldn't do it tried it once !
    2402 days ago
    I don't know about blocking fat but seaweed in general is healthy for you. I would suggest looking up the health benefits of seaweed. I personally love it, especially in sushi and dried sheets you find in asian markets but it is an acquired taste.
    2403 days ago
    I don't know about blocking fat but seaweed in general is healthy for you. I would suggest looking up the health benefits of seaweed. I personally love it, especially in sushi and dried sheets you find in asian markets but it is an acquired taste.
    2403 days ago
    oh thank goodness someone else listens to the kid kraddik in the morning...i was listening this morning too and what they were talking about was "sea's gift roasted seaweed snack"...not if it melts like big al says it did, i would probably gag but hey if it's going to block that much fat, why not...if you google it, you can see the package and Jenna said she got it in the asian aisle at the store...
    2403 days ago
    Take some time to do your own extended research. I don't have any info on seaweed but have recently heard that there is no scientific proof about spicey foods speeding up ones metabolism.
    2403 days ago
  • 4KHALL
    I don't think you have to go that route to block fat, you do need some fat (good fat), this may be blocking the fat you need! You need more info.Seaweed? emoticon
    2403 days ago
    how much do you think you'd have to eat before each meal?? i've had sea weed before....its not so so bad
    2403 days ago
    I'd be a bit skeptical about that one.
    I think if you're sticking to a low fat diet then blocking fats is not necessary.
    2403 days ago
    I've only eaten sea weed in my sushi rolls - it tastes fine, so maybe this is something to try! Would it be like spinach I wonder?
    2403 days ago
    seaweed is sold in sheets at asian is used for sushi and california is also torn up and used to top miso soup..there are also seaweed capsules but dont know what theyre called
    2403 days ago
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