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I tried it - - - and it does seem to work!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

After reading Ruby-Doo's reply and re-reading her suggestion and the blog I tried something similar I think.

I don't know if this is what Ruby-Doo and her friend are doing - but here goes:

I eat 1800 calories daily (on average) and I burn 400 calories on average - so this leaves 1400 calories for my body to run on.

Is this what you and your friend are doing, Ruby-Doo?

I just changed my chart to 1.2 activity level (sedentary) and guess what?! It puts my BMR at 1187 and my Calorie Goal and my TDEE at 1424 for maintaining my weight!

The number changes but the end results seem to be the same so go ahead and do it! What have you got to lose but weight?

I thought of this either last night or this morning and this is the first chance I have to try it out and to tell you.

Let me know how you make out please? I really do care! It does seem a lot simpler if it works! Mind you, I was advised you must always leave at least 1,000 calories for your body to function. (I was told this almost 2 years ago by a wonderful lady who just couldn't explain it better. But it did get me started on Calories In vs. Calories Out.)


**edit: It isn't quite the same, but this doesn't mean it won't work. We are all different! With my 1.55-moderately active, I wind up with a Calorie Deficit - with the 1.2 sedentary I have a negative number - the difference is about 300 so I really cannot say which will work for anyone. What have you got to lose but weight and inches!
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    OK, Linda, I just tried to "change my chart." The only way I could seem to do it was to go to the Fitness page and Change My Fitness Goals. I just took out the cardio. Is that what you did?

    Maybe I need to read Ruby-Do's blog. Thanks for the help, Marsha

    2796 days ago
    Hey, Linda, that's great! One of the things I liked better about tracking on Weight Watchers was the ability to eat more on days (or weeks) I exercise more. I liked earning activity points.

    Looks like you've found a way to be more flexible with SparkPeople. I don't like having to commit to a certain exercise program for the week. Life happens. And I usually end up going over what I predicted, burning more than expected. On the other hand if hungry, with your way then you can earn more food by exercising. Good thing. I'm going to go look for that place where you put in the 1.2 or 1.55 or whatever. Thanks. -Marsha
    2796 days ago
    I believe that's where averaging comes in. I think Sparkpeople averages out your daily calories based on this formula and based on the goals you've put in to make it easy and so that you're not going up and down like that, although having said that, I also believe that's the premise for calorie cycling, another thing I'm going to look into at some point.
    2796 days ago
  • SHUCG1004
    Linda, so glad that you found an equation that is working for you. You're doing great! Thanks for leaving comments on my activity feeds and my blog. You're an angel!

    2796 days ago
    Yes I believe that is what we are doing.
    So everyday add your caloires burned to 1424. So If you go for a 9 mile walk and burn say 800 calories. Add it to 1424. 1424+800= 2224 for your starting point for the day. So you are essentially adding your exact activity number to the equation. From 2224 you create a deficit of 500 calories. 2224-500=1774. 1774 would be the calories you are aiming to eat for the day.
    It is a difference from about 300-400 calories from the other method and I'm not sure it will work also. It is worth a try for me. There are also a few kinks in it as well. Like today is my rest day. My starting point is 1920 and I'm suppossed to create a 500 calorie deficit from that, which would take it down to 1420. I believe that is too low for me since I have a hard run tommorow. Today I'm just going to aim for around 1900 and just not have a deficit for the day. I think to be more accurate you would have to add in your daily calories burned like doing the laundry, dishes, walking the dog, but I'm not sure. I have starting adding extra things in. For example, if I walk to pick the kids up from school or walk to the store I'm now including that in my calorie burn.

    I'll let you know if it's working for me.

    I think the bottom line for me was I just wasn't eating enough calories to keep up and burn for my activity level.
    2796 days ago
    Yes, that is exactly it! So then you would add your calories burned onto that 1424 and you would be eating approximately 1800 calories. All we did was rearrange the formula (and change the activity level) so it looks like this:

    BMR x sedentary activity level (1.2) + calories burned - desired deficit = calorie allowance for the day

    So instead of figuring out how much of a deficit you have, instead you would figure out how many calories to eat given a deficit that you choose.
    2797 days ago
    now I'm even more confused but hope that it works for you. I did start looking at the calories in/vs out report and found that fascinating. I suspect I am not taking in enough calories but can't make myself eat much more than I am. Love ya, Dawn
    2797 days ago
  • TONYAWC1976
    I get what you are saying. I track my calories in a notebook and have around 1700. I wear a body bugg to tell me how many steps I take, and how many calories I burn everyday. I try to burn over 3000 a day. That includes all my trips up the stairs to get the kids or go to the bathroom. It seems to be working for me. I am not hungry, or fatigued. I know that 3500 calories is 1 pound, so burning that would burn a pound off. We all have to do whats best for our bodies. Good Luck. Tonya
    2797 days ago
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