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Thursday, March 25, 2010

How come some people/families face more hardships, trials and tragedies than others?? Is it just the way it is?? Is it payback for some dreadful wrong that may have happened generations back?? While I know that God never inflicts pain, sickness or horror on people and that He is not the source of these evils, I also know that He is the One who ALLOWS the bad things to happen. While everyone faces hardships at one time or another, why do some people face much more than others??

Take my late friend Marissa's family for example: Marissa's parents are God-loving, amazing people. Her parents pastored a church and were in ministry for quite some time. When Marissa's younger brother was born, they found out with time that he was mentally and physically (to some degree) handicapped. Maurice can't really speak or take care of himself and has been in special schools and programs all his life. Even now as an adult he is in a special day program and needs the daily assistance of a nursing aide. Not only did this family have to deal with a challenged family member, but when Marissa and Maurice were children, their dad was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and died, leaving her mom a widow with a sick son. As if that wasn't enough, 2 years ago Marissa died of cancer too. On top of this, Marissa's mom has faced some relatively serious medical problems of her own. ((Please pray for her, as you can imagine what it is like to lose a husband and a daughter, being left to tend to your grief and ill son)).

Today I heard more bad news for another family who has been through an excessive amount of hardship as well, kind of like Marissa's.

I KNOW we all go through hard times and I want you to understand what I'm trying to say: While everyone goes through hard times, there are just some people and some families where the hard times never seem to end; where they get more and more horrific each time. My question is WHY?! What makes these families different than another?? What is the reason that their amount of suffering is greater than mine?? Are their Biblical answers to this?! I mean, of course Paul suffered many hardships but most were a result of persecution. But take Job for example. Why were his sufferings so much more intensive and prolonged than let's say Daniel or Joseph?

I know we all go through hard times. It's a part of life. I just don't understand who decides who goes through what and what that decision is based on. I'm looking for answers. Any comments or insights would be helpful.

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    I feel for you loosing your friend and that family also. Life can seem so unfair. Our family has had a lot of tragedy too, I sometimes wonder what we did to deserve it. Don't dwell on the bad, but remember the good. Good luck to you!
    2795 days ago
    My family has more tragedies than most too. My grandmother & mother both lost their battle with ovarian cancer. I am a malignant melonoma survivor. Just in the last year our family has lost 4 more people to cancer.My aunt is battling cancer now. My uncle, her husband died from cancer in 2004, my mother in 2005, i had to have a hysterectomy in 2006, my granddaughter passed away at 4 months old in 2008, my brother in law passed away from complications from open heart surgery june 27, 2009, & my step mom from brain cancer on December 11, 2009. I cannot answer your question why, but i can tell you that i trust that God knows more than I do. I love HIM with all of my heart and I trust him. I know that people have asked me how i keep going and my answer is I HAVE TOO. i don't like it, but i know that i cannot see the big picture like God can. you can go through life being a victim of your circumstances or you can be a testimony. i choose the the testimony. i do have peace that my loved ones are walking around on streets of gold in the presence of my precious Jesus and they are way better off there than we are here and i KNOW that i WILL see them again. I didn't say good-bye. i said see you later. i will pray for Marissa's mom for sure for God's ultimate healing. I am sorry i didn't answer your question, but i guess i have to be thankful that God is in control and not me.
    2795 days ago
    I wish I had an answer for you. I think that God gives children that require special care to those he knows are strong enough and loving enough to handle it. I don't think he ever gives anyone more than they can really handle. They may think it is more than they can handle, but God believes they are stronger than they think they are. I think that from time to time, God tests our strength, will, and trust in him by putting some type of adversity in our paths. He knows we can survive it, he wants us to know we can survive it.

    I hope that helps at least a little. My thoughts and prayers are with you and those families that are going through difficult times.
    2795 days ago
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