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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So about 2 months ago my gym introduced me to the body bugg. I don't watch the biggest loser and I had never heard of them. So I had been stuck on a plateau for a year. I'd bounce up, I'd bounce down, everyone who has been stuck knows this problem way too much. I decided to give it a try. I was shocked. I had come to realize I could not eat what other people ate. I am constantly hearing people say "oh i don't eat that much" or " I don't eat anymore than anyone else". I used to say that too, it was one of my many excuses I was just doing what everyone else was and how unfair it was I was big. So I had been told by doctor's how my genetics were bad and all the other things weren't working in my favor, and then I decided I had to want this bad enough to do it.

So back to the body bugg. I now know thanks to this little device that on a day with no work outs for me I only burn 1800 calories. That is it. Some restaurant meals have that many calories in them. Sitting still i burn about 1 calorie a minute, my dear friend/trainer Daniel burns 4!!!! How unfair is that, but not the point. Even the gym equipment is so off on calorie burn for me. Tonight I did an hour on the incline treadmill, it said I burned 900, the body bugg said 400. Of course the treadmill doesn't know that my BMR sucks! And of course getting an estimate from the treadmill is better than nothing of course. I just feel so much more informed now with this thing.

But this information just brings me back to what I tell people all the time, you can't define your normal by anyone else. You have to listen to what works for your body. You can't think just because your friends eat a certain way that that is normal. Stop comparing yourself to other people and just figure out what works for you. So many people get discouraged on this journey because others are losing it faster or aren't having to work as hard. Their journey isn't what is important, yours is. Define your normal by what works for you and what makes you feel good.
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    I'm so glad I stumbled on your page today. I am going to check this out for myself. I think I am also one of those "slow burners". I've been pushing the strength training to try to get my muscle mass up, but your experience tells me that I might need to work on dropping my calories further as well.

    Your story is a huge inspiration to me. You look and sound wonderful. I hope to be in your position somewhere down the road.

    Happy Easter

    2877 days ago
    First of all - WOW! What a transformation - you look fabulous!

    I am new to your Blog, but was wondering if you have used a heart rate monitor to compare to the Body Bugg. I found out the hard way using the calorie deficit calculator on SparkPeople that on days I don't exercise I also have to be so careful about what I eat.

    2878 days ago
  • IONA72
    It is so hard not to compare yourself with others, especially all the great people here on SP, but you offer very sound advice, thank you!
    2882 days ago
  • LJONES23
    I've never heard of this. Thanks for the info!
    2882 days ago
    I've never heard of a Body Bugg either. I have a $70 HRM that I picked up at Target, and I use that to track cals burned during activities, but I've long suspected that it overestimates my calories burned. I actually multiply what it tells me by 85% before I put it into SP in order to bring it down a little. I may have to research this Body Bugg thing. If it's really that much more accurate, I may be willing to invest...
    2886 days ago
    Very well said!
    2888 days ago
    This blog is very true. I bought an HRM a very long time ago and use a calculation I found on SP to help me calculate my BMR. Not as accurate as a Body Bugg (would get one, just don't have the money for it), but I too realized a long time ago that we shouldn't go by other people. I know I can't eat as much as other people, especially if I don't workout. It's a nice reminder to not go crazy on a regular basis, one day won't kill ya. It's when it turns into weeks.
    2888 days ago
    Thanks for the info, I'm gonna have to check out the body bug.
    2888 days ago
    Thanks for the reminder that we CANNOT define our normal by anyone else. We really have to listen to our own bodies. Indeed each journey is unique in its own way. Keep up your great work!
    2888 days ago
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