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Oh what a day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whenever I have to "run errands" it seems to take almost all day to do it and today was no exception. I didn't sleep much last night because every time I just got to sleep, I would wake up minutes later in a gag inducing coughing fit! As a result I slept much later than intended and that gave me a late start.

Originally, I was only going to go to the bank, then thought, well while I am in that direction.... so I decided to make it 2 places, but then when I was at the bank, I realized I needed to go into another store that was only a few blocks away. Then I realized I didn't have any room in my cart so would have to go back home first before I could get to the grocery store. That store had turkeys on sale for .99 and I wanted to get a couple, one to cook up this weekend, and the other for another time when I might feel the "urge" for turkey soup.

So I came home and dropped off the first round of "stuff" and headed back out, but I just missed my bus UGH! So I thought I would walk up to the transit centre, which takes about 15 minutes, about the time the next bus would have come along, but I didn't feel like sitting on a bus bench waiting, and walking is better for me anyway! Well when I got to the centre, I saw a bus going in the other direction had just pulled in, so here's me thinking, (a dangerous combination) if I take that bus, I could go to the bookstore in the mall first then the first grocery store, then over to another and still get home at a reasonable time. If I went the way I was originally headed, I wouldn't make the book store at all. So I changed directions.

The mall was packed, not sure but looked like some kind of tournament (martial arts maybe) in the ice arena that is in the middle of the mall, and then there was some thing with the sea lion where you could pay to have your picture taken as he "kisses" the top of your head. People every where and the place was PACKED! All of this left very little room to get around, but I did squeese through the masses to the far end of the mall to the bookstore. They only had one book that I wanted to look at so I bought it anyway without being able to compare the books to see which one I really wanted. Guess I got this one whether it's the one or not! lol. I also found a couple of low carb cookbooks.

Then I'm off to the grocery store, didn't have to wait too long for the bus, got what I wanted at the first one, then walked over to the next one about 6 blocks away and lo and behold they were having a case lot sale. I had not intended to get anything extra, but I saw a case of tuna for 8.98. (To make it easy on myself, I look at it as buying 9 cans for a dollar each (still an excellent price around here) and then I get 3 FREE. Almost sounds better than .75 a can ha ha!) I like to give my cat some tuna every once in awhile, and I was running low so that was timely Then I saw a case of apple juice on sale for 11.98 - that is like 1.00 per litre. Last week I bought some for 1.98 each. Ok, gotta add that to my little cart.

Finished up there and headed home. Need 2 busses from that store, and had to wait a lot, so it took awhile, and for some reason none of the bus drivers wanted to lower the ramps for me. In the end, I had to "bump" the cart down from the bus and ended up breaking the axel. Lovely, now I have to try to find another one and those things are as rare as hens teeth in this city! I guess when I go back to BC this fall (if I make it this year) I will have to buy a couple of them to bring home with me.

I made it home, but it was well after 7 (so much for my getting home at a reasonable time). Talked to my sis for awhile and we searched on the internet (she at her home, me at mine) for some possible reasons for my vision problems and we both think it closely resembles "wet" macular degeneration which is only about 10% of cases, but accounts for about 90 % blindness for MD. Since I moved to Edmonton, I have not had a Retinoligist to monitor my eyes, and although I have seen an Opthamologist here , and he knows I have had laser surgery for previous bleeding in the retina, he says he sees no changes in my eyes and has no idea why I am losing colour vision in my left eye and my overall vision is dimming. But next time I go to my GP, I will tell him I NEED to see a Retinologist and I want him to find one for me ASAP. I will also ask him if there are any endocrinologists in this city. He had sent me to see some guy who runs a diabetic clinic, but I was so not happy with him or his attitude to me ( I don't think he is an endo because he doesn't have any special initals after his name, just said PHD on his business card.....) I want to find a real-life bonified Endo....

Let's see, in BC, before I moved to Alberta, I had a
Opthamologist (who did total eye care, I never had to see an optomotrist for my prescriptions)
Diabetes Educator
Diabetes Nurse
Another Opthamologist who specialized in Cataracts
And a Cardiologist.
Whew. That's quite a list ...

After I moved to Alberta, it was almost a year before I could find a GP who would take a new patient. Until then I went to a medi-centre. While medi-centres are ok, you never see the same doctor twice in a row because you never know who will be working on any given day. So no continuity of care at all.

Sis says I have to stand up and demand to be heard. That the docs won't do anything unless I insist. I have a very hard time doing that. But I guess I will have for force myself. Or maybe get her to come along and do it for me. Hey, now that's a thought.

Goodnight all
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You had a very busy and productive day. You got some bargains!! Enjoy those new books.
    2894 days ago
    Lots of exercise. Hope you got the turkey. Have a great Sunday!!
    2894 days ago
  • VXWALL1942
    Whew! What a busy day you had. But look at all the exercise you can add to the fitness tracker! You got some great bargains and did have a lovely outing, if a bit extended. I'm like your Sister; you have to make the dr hear you. I can assure you a PhD is NOT an Endo. His is not even a medical dr. Supposedly people in those positions are Diabetes Experts. I think a real Endo is still what you need. Best of luck on your continued search for quality and timely medical care.

    Have a lovely week. Spring is in the air and is officially here. Your beautiful weather will soon be there for its scheduled visit.

    vicki emoticon
    2894 days ago
    Having to do all that and rely on buses would be exhausting.
    2895 days ago
    I feel exhausted just reading this. You go girl.
    2895 days ago
  • RD03875
    Wow, what a busy day. Hope you get some sleep and feel better.
    2895 days ago
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