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Saturday, March 20, 2010

My apologies for the lack of blog yesterday, time got away from me, I left early to go to the grocery store (an hour away) and by the time I got home it was after 8 pm. I had skipped my lunch workout in order to leave early, and the morning meeting prevented me from getting a morning workout in.

So I got home, put away the freezer groceries and got to work. First I did Yoga Booty Ballet Basics which I had scheduled for yesterday and it was alright, I prefer the Live workouts or the Masters Series, the way this worked was a little choppy for my taste. It starts with an intention and a little stretching all in the seated position. Then it moves to a sort of dancing warm up that moves pretty quickly followed by a ballet section and then a sort of fast moving weighted workout, kind of too fast for heavy weights I used 2 lbs and kind of wished I had 1 pounders. That's all followed up by an ab section using a small ball, in the past I had used a small ball I bought from the toy isle at Walmart, but to my horror it had shrunk down since the last time I did this workout, and wasn't particularly suitable but since it was what I had, I had to go with it. This has an advanced fat burning workout on it as well, so I will have to see how that goes before I make any final decisions, but at this point I'm leaning toward the out the door pile.
Then I skipped the two additional workouts I had scheduled and did Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim 4 Fast Miles. I was tired, it was late, and this choreography is really easy to follow. The whole thing was enjoyable from start to finish. It uses recognizable music which is a plus in any workout if you ask me, and Leslie is her normal eubulent self. This is the best Leslie workout I've done thus far, and definitely went into the keeper pile
By the time these two were done I had just cleared my daily 500 calorie goal and it was 11pm. I was exhausted and went to bed without blogging.

Today, I had intended to get a bunch of missed workouts out of the way, in addition to those scheduled for today, but that didn't quite pan out. Here's how it went instead.

I did the Workout 1 from Carmen Electra's Aerobic Strip Tease which sounds terrible, but is really a dancing workout. Aside from my inability to undulate or shimmy, it was fun, she takes it from the top a lot and then finally does each routine through with no instruction and just music. It may not be hard, I may not be graceful, but this is fun, and it makes me feel confident.
I followed that up with Tae Bo Capture the Power 2004: Strength, this one was really fun, and it was especially funny for me to notice Shelly trying to remind Billy to do one of the moves on the opposite side, and him being totally into his schtick and not hearing her. I did enjoy it heartily, I also enjoyed Energy from this series, but I decided to part with Power. The completionist in me is somewhat upset by this, but I didn't like it and I won't do it so I shouldn't keep it.
Next, I did Denise Austin's 6 Minute Waist Trimmers. On their own each 6 minute workout would probably be fine, but all 18 minutes together I found to be pretty tough. I know a lot of people think Denise is annoying, but when I started working out to videos she was the one I connected with because she doesn't do a lot of dancy moves and at that point kick-ball-change was beyond me, much less mambo cha-cha. Regardless, I recognize her shortcomings (the Tony the Tiger Grrrreat! she throws out frequently for one) but like her anyway. This was not a favorite, but it's ending up in the out the door pile simply because I have shorter ab workouts or workouts added on to many many other videos and this is on VHS.
Last but certainly not least, I did Denise's Fat Blasting Yoga, it was all over the place. The first section was really fast and had a lot of movement in it without feeling very yoga like. I still hate sun salutations and this had them in spades. I was hoping one of the remaining sections would at least have some stretching involved, but they didn't. One of the moves was uncomfortable and didn't seem safe for my back. Also she moved through some of the poses so quickly I didn't always have time to get into one before she was already moving on to the next. The whole thing was very un-Denise like. I had expected it to be on the beginner level as most of her stuff is, and it clearly wasn't. There wasn't a lot of instruction on form either. Anyway this one ended up in the to go pile.

I had another yoga workout on the schedule for today, but I don't think I will get to it, if I change my mind, I will post about it tomorrow. Until then...
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