Pork Fried Rice and 4 chicken wings...Please

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lunch today was late, I had my once weekly blueberry muffin and one orange, so i was hanging tough. Was going for my power walk.

Yes I walk during lunch and do liitle quick starts when i go to the bathroom. I go to the bathroom often, because i drink 8 plus glasses of water.

Oh I digress, so as I was heading down 58th crossing 3rd avenue, i thought hmm i should reward myself and have the combination: pork fried rice and fried chicken wings... As I headed towards 2nd Avenue I started pumping my arms and getting into the proper power walk groove..

Then i turned the corner at 2nd avenue and BAM there was the chinese restaurant, i felt my stride slipping and my resolve sliding... my arms stopped pumping all on their own and I was unable to hear the traffic (which is loud and vexatious to the spirit) anyway, I breathed deeply thought about it and said MONDAY.......... My boss is out and i can sit in my office and enjoy it..

So I didnt have it and on Monday I will tell you all if it was worth the wait - but in the meantime .. emoticon emoticon ME... and thanks to the Spark and my emoticon's I passed on a temporary fix and had a great salad that was healthy and filling... so bring it on Monday
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