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The 52 Day Challenge has begun . . .

Friday, March 19, 2010

So, yesterday was the first day of the 52 Day Challenge over on Men's Health Magazine's forum. I'm pretty excited about it as the timing feels right with other stuff that's going on in my life fitness-wise.
My goals for this challenge are as follows;

CE: 98/104
RT: 21
CT: 21
PG1: lose 15 lbs.
PG2: 40-4-40
PG3: 10 consecutive unassisted chinups
PG4: run a full 5k
PG5: 4000 pushups
PG6: Post to the 52 Day Challenge on all 52 days

Now a brief explanation of what they mean;

CE = Clean Eats. It's measured in half day incroments. My goal is to "eat clean" (or in simple terms, not cheat at all on my eating plan) for at least 98 of those 104 half days.

RT = Resistance Training. My goal is to get in at least 21 resistance training days or sessions (completed my first one yesterday).

CT = Cardio Training. My goal is at least 21 cardio training days or sessions (today was cardio day for me, so another check-mark).

PG1 = PG's are all "Personal Goals" and for each challenger they are different. My first personal goal needs no explanation, and is do-able using 2 pounds a week.

PG2 = "40-4-40" is a challenge within the challenge and means 40 of my RT's and/or CT's have to be at least 40 minutes long. If I stick to my current plan, ALL of my training sessions go for an hour or so, so this goal should be easily attainable.

PG3 = This one also needs no explanation, but I'll just say that I've been stuck in the 6 or 7 range for MONTHS. My intention is to get fully back into my chinup training plan and hit this one hard. The 20 Chinup Challenge here on Sparks has been a very difficult and elusive nut to break, and 10 is only half of that ultimate goal, but a good start.

PG4 = I know I just did this last Saturday, but I want to get another one in and by adding it to my goals, I'm hoping to keep motivated. Tomorrow I plan to seek one out and sign up.

PG5 = 4000 pushups. Again, the meaning of this is obvious. My pushup totals have suffered recently as I've been doing the "Spartacus" training plan from Men's Health. That plan incorporates "T-Pushups" using dumbbells, among many other exercises, and by the end of 3 full circuits I'm exhausted. But last night after a short 15 min. break, I was able to knock out 3 sets of 50. I'm sure as time goes on, I'll be able to build on that.

PG6 = Again, this one speaks for itself. My biggest problem/issue/excuse (or whatever) over the last 6 or 8 months has been lack of consistancy and lack of support at home. Losing significant amounts of weight and keeping it off is a very difficult thing to do, as everone on this site is well aware. Living with someone who not only doesn't share your goals, but seemingly scoffs at and resents your efforts and brings all manner of junk food into the house is, well, hard. Very, very hard. And just not saying anything and ignoring the junk and little verbal jabs and "looks" in order to "keep the peace" and not ignite open hostility, it makes me sad sometimes that things have to be this way. BUT, that's why I'm here. And that's why I joined the 52 Day Challenge over there. To get the support. Sparks and my Spark friends have been awesome over the last couple years and the "52 Day Challenge" forum has also. But you only get out what you put in. Making sure to post my progress there EVERY DAY is a sure way to meet most (if not all) of my goals and stay focused (something I've struggled with for months now). And getting back into the habbit of posting more frequently here on Sparks has been another of my recent goals. I have to work harder on that one too. I backed away for a while due to my injury, but it's been rightly pointed out to me that that's pretty lame. My best friend on Sparks says you have to post both the good and the bad, and she's (as usual) absolutely right. I have to do better.

So, the last week has been good. Lots of fun, and lots accomplished, and a solid start on the Challenge. Even got my first outside ride of spring in today (15-1/2 miles in the hills around my home for an hour and 20 min's of sweat and achey legs). Feels GREAT to be riding outside again !! But snow's coming this weekend ! UGH !!!

Hope you're having a Great Day, and thanks for sharing a little or your time.
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    Ugh...so sorry to hear of the lack of support at home...and outright hostility over your healthy lifestyle choices!

    But kudos to YOU to keep SPARKIN' away! I've been loving getting out on my bike this weekend too...just so liberating...woo hoo!

    2919 days ago
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