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So is the No Flour, No Sugar Diet bad for you?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well, my cousin Sharon, who is a Dietitian, wrote back to me regarding this, read on so you can stop badgering me that it's "unhealthy."


There is no need to restrict flour, unless someone has celiac disease or a wheat allergy. Whole grain flour of course is good for the fiber content. But, it isn't unhealthy if you decide to restrict it. Restricting sugar is fine. It is always considered "empty calories" - there are no vitamins, phytochemicals, fiber, antioxidants, or protein in sugars. The term sugar can also refer to simple sugars which would include fructose and lactose. A popular unhealthy ingredient added to many foods is high fructose corn syrup. Glucose is the primary fuel for the brain and central nervous system. However, the body can easily get this from other carbohydrates consumed such as beans, corn, cereals, potatoes, peas, and rice. My advise for dieting is to limit portions, avoid snacks, and limit the fat content of the diet. Fat goes directly into storage. It is never burned or used immediately. Good luck.


And just so we're clear, those of you that have approached me telling me that this is unhealthy, "no sugar" doesn't mean "ZERO SUGAR" it means "no added sugar." I can have the sugars that occur naturally in fruits, vegetables, and dairy. I get plenty of carbs and fiber from whole grains, fruit, and veggies. So there's that.

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FITN2014-TSP 3/17/2010 5:31PM

    I eat sugar but I do it sparingly and I try to avoid high frutose corn syrup. I try to eat more complex carbs as they stay with me longer. I try to keep my fat around 25% of my total calories and I am trying to eat more good fats. If I eat sugar or white flour, I try to eat protein or complex carbs with it. There is a blog that talks about eating healthier and it basically says once you are eating all the good stuff then there is not much room left for the bad stuff.
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The blog is featured today! You may want to check it out.

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MILRENOR 3/17/2010 3:18PM

    CALIFSHEWOLF, I struggled the first week or two with getting enough carbs every day, but now I get plenty now that I understand where I need to increase my intake of carbs during the day.

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MILRENOR 3/17/2010 3:15PM

    It's been 3 1/2 weeks and I haven't "gorged" on anything. Amusingly, me on Weight Watchers after a week, I gorges. Me on any other weight loss program, I gorged. This one, you kind of lose the insane craving for sugars and flours. This diet was created by Dr. Gott and it is also followed by Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. I have a very hard time believing that if it were absolutely unhealthy to abstain from flour and sugar, there wouldn't be a national support group for it.

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CALIFSHEWOLF 3/17/2010 3:15PM

    Please read "The Schwarzbein Principle" by Dr. Diana Schwartzbein. She is an endocrinologist who wrote that eating program for her diabetic patients. It is limited carbs (I eat 60 grams a day..more when I am on maintenance), but all vegetables except the starchy ones are free and are not counted as carbs. Fruit, of course, has fructose, which is a sugar, but limited amounts of fruit are part of the program. Flour products must not be made with bleached flour, but whole grain instead. The plan contains no packaged, bleached, processed, or artificial foods. Ten years ago, I lost 163 pounds on her program and kept it off for almost 8 years until I became a couch potato with a bad knee. I started it again on January 4th and have lost 40 pounds so far. Sugar free/wheat free programs are can get all your carbs from healthy foods but when people eat too FEW carbs, it CAN be dangerous for their health. Anyone who does this type of program should be checked by their doctor before they start and every so often while they are losing to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients in the proper amounts. My cardiologist is the one who suggested I try this program ten years ago, and I have never had any problems while following Dr. Schwartzbein's program. In fact, my cholesterol went down from 286 to 121 and my triglycerides went from 600+ to 94, allowing me to get off the statins I had to take for high cholesterol. You can get the book cheap on or one of the other discounted book websites. It is an interesting read. Good luck...and don't let anyone discourage sounds like you are doing things right.

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EM_ORTIZ 3/17/2010 2:38PM

    I think if you think it's best for you, and you have some medical recommendations (as we all should when we change our diets, or even if we've been eating a certain way for a while), you're fine. My situation is different, as my diet is more influenced by morals then health, but after a while, cravings go away and your tastebuds (and brain) get used to your new way of eating. I don't see how not eating sugar or flour is at all bad for you physically. Maybe a little hard emotionally, but that's for you to deal with. :)

Good luck!

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MEKOMEKO 3/17/2010 2:25PM

    I asked my gp about sthg similar and the answer was- as long as its a short term-two weeks of detox in my case- its ok. I was following gluten and lactose free diet due to state of my health back than. However my doc also said that following that kind of diet long term can be very damaging for your body. Perhaps you should be under guidance of nutritionist or dietitian who will be able to tell if you get your diet right.

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TBRANCH2 3/17/2010 2:23PM

    My only comment is that if you deprive yourself of anything then, you will crave it and when/if you give in then you will probably "gorge" yourself. Whereas, eating it but only in a correct "portion" size will prevent this from happening. Choose is ultimately yours on how you want to eat...NOONE else's..not even your sister!! emoticon emoticon

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