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There giving my profession a bad name

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For all who are sick of hearing about the nursing shortage I've been having constantly, don't bother reading this because here we go again. I know I'm sick of it as well.

OK so Linda started Sunday,lives about 6 miles from here,ideal for both of us. At 7p, she showed up (on time) that's a plus. And than it began to unravel from there. John's shower? didn't bother to shave my John-it takes 2 so of course I was in their. Didn't wash his back,water was not hot.John back to bed(she couldn't lift-John is only 140#'s) Couldn't straight cath,I had to do it. 9pm meds due,clock says 915pm, 1030PM I said I was going to bed. She asked if there was anything NOT TO DO, such as noise to wake me (micro/TV) I thought well maybe there is a chance and she was just nervous-asked me if at 4am she could call home with her cell,check on her Family-I said of course. So off to bed I went, but I had the "TV" in my room could see John, back up I went! (hadn't seen her in 45 minutes) came downstairs and there she was on the stairs exercising!!!!!!!!!!! talking on the cell phone 1215am. So between seeing on the TV,and hearing,every 15 minutes I hear her flippen cell phone,her in John's room talking on it. John not even turned,her not giving him fluids. Caught her at 515am using my stability ball!!! The worse part was John lost his pillows and his neck was hyper-extended! Try breathing or swallowing in that position. My God, theses people are Nurse's! The more I see,the more I know how good I was as a Nurse. I sent her home at 630am

Next up--thought I had someone that was decent,had her scheduled tonight,she wanted to work every wed,and Thur. Guess what? She called me yesterday morning said her Husband has a job,and can't work here, because she doesn't have a babysitter. I was stunned,I don't even remember what I said,I know my tone was, well, less than nice.

I'm getting sick of it people,I really am. I'm about to just resign from even looking,maybe that might help. I even had someone e-mail me with a e-mail address of sexynurse!!!!???????. What in God's name is happening to the Nursing Profession, or is it all over the place emoticon Ohhhh I'll get by, I always do but..........

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SUSIEQ1017 10/26/2010 10:10PM

    Kathleen, I can feel your pain and I know it emoticon I didn't have it as bad as you do, but we went through the Nursing Hell when Mama came home after
3 months in a coma after open heart surgery "did not go as expected". emoticon Ya think? I hope things get better for you and yours soon.

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JUDYPETE1 4/6/2010 3:32PM

    Kathleen, I wish you were closer to me, have a fabulous friend that would be perfect, she is looking for the right position and is teaching nursing while she is looking. I have seen her in action. Hope you find someone SOON who holds your same work ethic and values. Prayers out to you and John.

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DANCINGAGAIN 3/30/2010 7:47PM

    I think that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Tip O'Neil said the secret to his success was that, "People like to be asked and people like to be thanked." So the implication is that we should not feel shy about asking people to do their job. We also will build a relationship of gratefulness and mutual support when we remember to say thank you for the things people do for our loved ones. As families of those who need extra special care, we tend to worry and we are sure things are not being done or will not be done as well as we would do them in the first place, and that makes most hired caregivers get defensive or insulted because they think we think they are stupid or uncaring people. There is no reason that a private duty nurse can not take care of your son and learn to care for him the way you want him to be cared for. If he were one of thirty two patients waiting for nursing care given by two nurses aids and a nurse for the night shift, that would be different. He would have to wait his turn. It is difficult to find night people in nursing homes and at home, that is the reality.
Separating the facts from your feelings in this situation can help you to problem solve. See the situation clearly. Know what you want. Tell the nurses exactly what you want them to do. Make a care plan if you do not have one, and every night have the nurse sign the plan of care when she comes in after she reads it if she is a new nurse, or one who is not doing what you ask. If you could have another family member stay over and you go to their house to sleep that could get you some sleep. You need to get completely away sometimes. I can tell you are really stressed out! One good night sleep can really help.

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WALKWORK 3/28/2010 3:44PM


I am so sorry you are going through this hard time trying to find someone who cares about their job and the people they are supposed to be caring for. I just don't understand what is going on these days. Why don't people take their jobs seriously. I really think it's the younger generation that hasn't grown up yet. I work with 30+ year olds who still don't take what they do serious. People need to be held accountable. emoticon

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    I think the work ethic is declining everywhere - but it is not acceptable in the medical field, and it is easy to NOT do home nursing care, so those people have no excuse!
I am praying that you can find someone reliable very soon.

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BELLACUDDLES 3/18/2010 3:51PM

    WOW, I too am so sorry for all this frustrating stuff going on.....continuing prayers for you and your family and better nursing care with caring people!!!!!!


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SWEETSUGAR7 3/17/2010 4:43PM

I am sorry that people are in a workforce that they cannot even live up too!
What a waste of time!
Keep your head up and keep looking. Something wonderful will turn things around for you soon.
If you are involved with a church I would see about talking to them and look for people within the community.
Also see if the hospital can also assist you on this. Maybe a local group that is looking to place interns or people that are looking for work. I wonder if the unemployment office would be able to help.
Lets us all pray for you and your family to find someone to help and to ease this pain.

You need your sleep and strength, peace of mind and more!




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DODDSM 3/17/2010 12:18PM

    Kathleen- so sorry for the hell you and John are going through. It's a shame you don't live up here, I have a couple friends who are just graduating and looking for jobs. Wish I could also lend a hand, if only to give you a few moments rest. Hope that things start picking up, and that John gets an awesome nurse!

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DAVESTOOK1913 3/17/2010 10:05AM

    I am constantly amazed that people have the gall to not do their jobs as if they are the most important things and cannot be replaced. I would be just like you. John deserves better care than a nurse that lets him just fall to the wayside. He's really lucky to have you watching out for him.

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GRANDMARUTH2 3/17/2010 9:30AM

    Irritating isn't it when anyone is paid for a job that they won't do. When my grandparents got is the position of needing in home health care, it didn't work -with a lot of the same problems that you are encountering. Our option at that time- in the 70's was to take care of my grandparents our selves. God bless my mom for being the care giver to both sets of my grandparents. and for instilling the importance of family.Good luck to you BO42SOX - you will be in my prayers. emoticon

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