Saturday Night Questions

Sunday, March 14, 2010

DS and I had gone to see Avatar on Wed BUT it was not the 3D version SO we decided to try again. We found that it was playing at the local mall so planned on going to the 3:30pm showing. After doing my banking, errands, and doing my workout at the gym, DS showed up late and we left.


1. Yes, I know it was a RAINY day BUT why did everyone decide to go to the MALL? It was packed... even more than for Christmas shopping. But we finally found a parking place a zillion miles away and made it to the box office.

2. Avatar has been out for months SO why did every decide that they just HAD to see it at 3:30 pm on Saturday??? Yes, SOLD OUT. So we decided to get tickets for the 6:40 pm shoing and "hang around" for 3 hours at the MALL.

3. Why when we HAVE to be a the mall and waste time, we can't find a thing to do?? Why was there only a Borders Express so we had to read standing around instead of comfy chairs at the regular Borders. Yes, we are both book worms. We wandered like homeless people, ate dinner, and finally had wasted enough time.

4. Why do those automatic features in the Mall bathrooms never work? Why does the toilet flush when you enter the stall and when you sit down BUT not when you need it to?? Why does the sink seem to have a non-working sweet spot when you need it?? Why does the auto towel dispenser just give out a paper towel the size of a postage stamp... requiring several "waves" at the machine?

5. Why was the theater hotter than Hades when I have dressed in a sweater?

6. Why is that lady two rows in front of us taking pictures during the movie??? Did she slap the 3D glasses on the camera first? Not sure.

7. Why did we think that the 3D version would be so much more totally awesome than the regular version that it was worth all this trouble? emoticon

8. Why did I think that after spending a week long vacation with DS that following it with TWO nights at the movies AND 3 hours wandering the MALL was a good idea. emoticon

Here is wishng you a happy week with all the answers.

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