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Evaluation in the Springtime

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Although it snowed so much, just two weeks ago, that I built this snowman at the office, the signs of spring are around us now.

I love that the days are becoming longer. I am no longer waking up to darkness. I am no longer returning home at dusk. The time is upon me that if I wanted, I could run a few miles ON THE TRAIL after work and it still be light enough for me not to fear being attacked by dogs. (you know, because they only come out at night? where did this perception of mine come from? oh well- thats a whole nother blog. ;) )

Some days, I can leave my apartment without a coat, and feel perfectly fine. And I love seeing the sunshine and the blue skys out my office window all day long.

Sometimes a season is upon me and I feel its best to "buckle down" and go "full force" to reach my long list of very specific, very dedicated goals. but sometimes, a season of my life comes along and I decide I need to scale back and find rest in simplicity. I need to not focus so much on doing things for an hour, but maybe 5 minutes, a day. I need to not worry so much about doing EVERYTHING I can, but instead, learning how to ENJOY EACH MOMENT.

I feel like im not able to properly convey my point- Let me put it this way.
The things on my priority list, are things I love for myself. exercise, writing, meditation, etc. They are things that I love to do. They are things that my body and mind and life loves when I do because these activities keep me happy and healthy. But if I were to decide I want to meditate for 90 minutes a day, exercise for 90 minutes a day, and write for 90 minutes a day - these things become TASKS and sometimes dreaded. And i dont want to dread ANY part of my life. I want to continue looking at things through an optimistic eye and learn to love myself for doing a minimum amount and not just a maximum. [ive been struggling this winter feeling like I'm NEVER working out ENOUGH, even if i spend 3 hours at the gym- and that is just NOT healthy. I need to recoil and learn to be satisfied in ANY amount and not let all my happiness rest in reaching obsessed goals.]

So, I made a new goal list of things I want to do this spring. Little things that will hopefully help me to enjoy each and every day. I thought I would share this with you here to help keep me accountable and encourage you that not everything needs to be done to an extreme- keep things LIGHT&FRESH once in a while ;)

emoticonHeather's Fabulous Spring Time Priority List emoticon

emoticonFood: [these things are things I've been doing for a while, and our mostly habits, but I like to keep myself in check with them as the season changes and I refocus on priority]
* 0 sodas daily.
* Eat BSLSDS daily.
* H2O
* 1+ Vegetarian L/D daily.

* Pushups Daily. [I am still trying to progress to "real" push ups. I try doing them every day. some weeks I only try the up part. some weeks I only try the down part. (of "real" pushups) I try every day. I still can't do one good form real pushup, so after I try, I do a few "girly"/modified push ups. Sometimes I do a lot. Sometimes I do 2. But I get down on the floor EVERYDAY. this takes less than 5 minutes]

* 20 minutes of cardio daily. [i was seriously getting exercise-depressed when I would leave the gym after an hour long zumba class, 35 minutes of treadmill intervals, and 20 minutes on the elliptical and not feel satisfied. I'm bringing it back to a goal of 20 miutes a day. somedays I'm sure I will do more, but I don't care. I WILL listen to my body. I WILL feel satisfied as long as I reach my 20 minutes each day. On days my body needs "a rest" i may just go for a walk or play at the park 0 but I want to get in the habit of feeling COMFORTABLE with 20 minutes of activity.]

*Stretch&Balance 7 x weekly. [I remain HORRIBLE at spending good amount of time stretching after workouts. Sometimes I skip it all together. Sometimes I spend 3 minutes stretching. If I am only active 20 minutes, i should be able to have a good 5 minute stretching session after each activity. and I want to spend a few minutes each day working on EASY balance moves. (stand on one foot and move up from there) 5-10 minutes each day is TOTALLY doable.]

*Journal once a week. [I write a lot of blogs at THS. I type a lot of stuff I never publish, as well. but I have been neglecting my personal journal. my handwriten, physical journal. I have a WHOLE STACK of quotes and cards and clippings I want to paste in it and reflect on via black pen and nice penmanship, but I never make it a priority. Start Small - once a week. Even for 30 seconds. I have a feeling the words and desire to write and spend time getting thoughts on paper will just flow after that.]

*Meditate 5 x weekly 5 mins a day. [i need to take 5 minutes to meditate each week day. It makes the day flow better. Sometimes I may meditate on scripture. Sometimes I may meditate on a personal mantra. Sometimes I may meditate on an inspiration quote. Sometimes I may simple meditate on nothing but the beat of my heart. But I will meditate.]

*Encourage a Friend daily. [The other day my friend Katy and I discussed that my spiritual gifting of encouragement is the ONLY part of my relationship with Christ that I have always been 100% sure of the beginning. I've never doubted it. I've never apologized for it. Because it's not mine. It's God's. And i am thankful for it. I want to continue to walk in this gifting in little and big ways. Each day I will take the whole ONE MINUTE it will take to text/email/comment a friend. Encourage them in their day. Brighten their moment. Remind them of their goodness. ONE MINUTE. at least.]

*Dance. 1 song. 3 x weekly. [put on one 3 minute song. dance. it will change you. Dance in your office. Dance in your car. Dance in your kitchen as you do the dishes. Dance your way around the block. Dance while filling your car at the gas station and continue to enjoy the song so much that you decide to wash the windows too. Dance. It's 3 lousy minutes turned fabulous. ]

*Change Desk Calendar 5 x weekly. [I have two quotation calendars at my desk. I love to start my work day by flipping/tearing off the pages and reading the new pages. Sometimes they are quotes to inspire or motivate. sometimes I read quotes to make me laugh. Sometimes my kindness calenders gives me a suggestion of how to be extra kind today. I LOVE this one minute I take out of my day to freshen my soul.]

*Spend time outside, daily. [at least 5 minutes of fresh air. sitting on my porch. eating at a picnic table. stretching near a tree. looking at birds. taking in some vitamin D from the sun. or listening to rain fall onto my umbrella. or, God forbid, shoveling the next snowfall. Broken into five 1 minute breaks from my desk, or 5+ minutes after work playing with my neighbors dog. ]

If I do ALL of these things each day - we are talking LESS THAN AN HOUR. and a very happy, refreshed, bursting with goodness Heather. I can't really think of anything better :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This was so well thought out!! You really have some great goals! Good for you! Blogs like these make me re examine my goals again! Blessing to you!! emoticon
    2902 days ago
    I keep forgetting about your blog cause I really miss reading what you think about because it is usually so relevant to myself!
    Keep up the awesome work....
    2902 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Loved this blog! Yes, sometimes less really is more.
    2902 days ago
    I'm so happy spring is coming! It's still rainy but the sun comes out sometimes and I'm excited (like you are) to get outside! emoticon
    2903 days ago
    one more goal: respond to Gmail emails within 48 hours - this is something I am CONSTANTLY struggling with and MUST get better at completing!
    2903 days ago
    What a blessed situation to know how the Lord has gifted you. It will be interesting in your life journey to see how He wants to use this special spiritual gift for His Kingdom.

    When you run on the trail, be sure to either take a friend, take a big dog, or take some pepper spray. It is not safe for a woman to run alone, I am very sad to say. So be careful out there!!

    2903 days ago
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