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Monday, March 08, 2010

okay... in the four days since i last blogged a number of things have happened.

first, i missed my race due to some family issue that came up.

i had a much needed "date" with my spouse. it was truely a time of restoration. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

i seriously botched my diet...i felt so bad. i felt like a failure. i felt like a pig....but after all the self scolding and inner threatenings to "just forget it" and "you will never do it" a friend came along and told me to get back in the saddle and keep it moving.

my exercise routine was turned upside down by some remodeling at the place where i was walking and that really threw me a loop. i am glad it happened because now i realize the importance of flexibility in my exercise program.

my workout partner went out of town and for a few days felt lost. i see the value of having a partner but now i want to be a more independent exerciser. I have got to do this for me...whether or not anyone else finishes. I am taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY HEALTH!!!!!

SOOOO im not going to blame the precious cute little girl scout who sold me the box of thin mints i devoured during my down time. she is way too cute to be the spawn of satan that my guilty conscience accused her of being.

so WHAT EXACTLY DID I LEARN???? Dont ever, ever give up!!!

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