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Tuesday, 3-2-10

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wow. This past weekend and the beginning of this week have been quite exciting and emotional. Suddenly both of Jim's daughters are in our lives, he's back to work, I'm getting sleep (finally) and things seem to be going very well.

Some of the members on my BLC12 team, Fierce Fuchsia Felines, have decided to (sort of) follow Lent, in our own personal "get fit" way. Some declared that they would exercise every day, some that they would spend time on themselves, etc. My 40 day "Lent" committment, which started last Wednesday, is to track my food EVERY day. So far, so good. I've had to go back and fill it in for the weekend, just because of my crazy schedule, but I have done it, and been honest with myself. I truly had forgotten what a difference it does make, to actually see a summary of everything that I put into my mouth. It is definitely helping me stick to my goals!

Tomorrow is our weigh-in day, and I am really hoping to see a good loss. I know my sodium has still been high, and I know which foods are the cause of this (cereal, processed meats like chicken & turkey sausage, flavored instant potatoes). The main difficulty is convenience. I work 60+ hours a week, there is just not a lot of time to cook fresh. I don't have a "day" off where I can batch cook, I spend my half-day off catching up on sleep and grocery shopping. However, I am getting a good schedule down, and I think now that we are really getting settled into the new routine, I will be able to get more things done on weeknights. It also helps that Jim has volunteered to help out and do the vacuuming. With 2 big dogs that shed A LOT, vacuuming is serious business!

Now on to less serious business - Biggest Loser was finally back on tonight! Plus, tonight was my precious ZAGS senior night (final home game of the season), so I seriously got my TV fix taken care of. 4 consecutive hours (yes, I said FOUR hours) of television in one night. Good thing I got in 60 minutes of exercise this morning, plus another 20 minutes of serious speed-walking at Costco during my lunch break (with my arms loaded down, no cart thank you!). I was carrying 6 lbs of chicken, 9 lbs of pummello and 5 lbs of celery -- that's an additional 20 lbs I was carrying for at least half of that time. My heart was racing and I was seriously breathing heavy by the time I got back to my car! That is the most I have exercised in one day in a very, very long time. Although I did suffer for it, my foot has been having shooting pains every so often, no ryhme or reason to it. I do think that I may have a stress fracture on the outer edge of my foot, but I don't have the time or the $$$ to go to the doctor (again) right now. I'm still paying off the $456 in medical bills from Dec - Feb. We're talking strep throat (twice), yeast infection, gyno exam, mammogram, uterine ultrasound, and prescriptions. Once I get those all paid, I will take a trip to the podiatrist. In the meantime, I just have to be careful how I walk so that I don't aggravate it too much. The thing is, when I'm actually exercising, I get in that Zone, where I don't really notice the pain. It's after I'm done that I feel the throbbing and random shooting pains.

Well, it's about an hour past my bedtime, so I'm going to call it a night. I'm off to sleep!
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    Oh my back is aching hearing about carrying all that weight. I would have to have the cart! I am back to nutrition tracking too and it has made a difference! We can do this!

    Have you thought about crock pot cooking. Once you get the hang of it you have dinner when you walk in the door. We actually did it on vacation in Yellowstone. It took planning, but was great to walk in the door with ten of us and have dinner ready.
    2911 days ago
    P.S. I am rooting for the "under dogs" on BL!!!! :)
    2914 days ago
    Hi Frankie! I am so happy for you and Jim!!! It must be a wonderful feeling to finally be able to know his two daughters! YAY!!!

    I am having the same problem with my foot, but it is more in my heel, like right in the ball of the heel(hope I described it right, lol) and when I am working out I do not feel it, only after. Like right now, just did 60 mins on the treadmill and strength training and now that I am sitting down, my foot is throbbing and hurts to walk on it.

    I know you will have a GREAT weigh in, you have been very active every day! I wouldn't feel to bad about the 4 hours of TV, everyone needs some down time now and then. I watched the biggest loser as well last night, was a crazy episode!

    Keep up the GREAT work!
    2914 days ago
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