Tuesday, March 02, 2010

While most people experience serenity while exercising and happiness, etc, I get angry. When I am exercising I get easily PISSED OFF and just over the top mad at anyone that messes with me. For this reason, I usually need to exercise alone. WHY? Does anyone else get angry while exercising? I'm not sure why or how this happens!

Also, just so everyone knows, I only use SparkPeople for the message boards. It's fun to ask questions and answer questions and read information and pick through other peoples success gallery. I don't update my food log because it's a hassle and I update that elsewhere on the interwebz.
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  • SRH111189
    I googled "getting angry when exercising" and it led me to your post. I got ferociously pissed off today while exercising and thought i was the only one!!! So glad to know i am not alone with this. Could be what little testosterone we women have gets dumped into our veins while we are exercising, that and adrenaline. I was surprised at how strong i was today. I was tackling HEAVY weights!!! And i havent exercised with weights in forever and here i was pumping out 8 reps and two sets with 80 lb weights(on the weight machines). I was shocked but i am sure i will be feeling it in the morning. I must be pure mesomorph body type to be able to handle that much weight right off the bat. I am 5"6 and about 143 lbs. 29 inch waist. Anyways glad to know i am not the only one who gets like that!!! =)
    1279 days ago
    I wish I could reply to individual comments but I don't see that option! I guess perhaps it is because exercise USED to be punishment for me. Sometimes I feel wonderful after or during, but I find that most of the time I'm downright cranky. But it helps to work out that frustration.
    2937 days ago
    When I work out on land, as opposed to in the pool, I rarely enjoy it. I feel LOUSY, and get worse and worse as time goes on. I feel icky when sweaty, get light-headed easily, and have a lot of pain when moving around on land (damn gravity). Also, I'm too easily distracted when interrupted, so I don't like that either. In water, exercise is a completely different experience - I LOVE it!
    2937 days ago
    The joys of adrenalin. Learn to harness it for good, not evil ;-)
    2938 days ago
    I'm with Tracy - long time, no see; glad to hear from you - and I sometimes get angry when I exercise, but not usually. It may be that you do/did view it as punishment (like Tracy) or it just may be horomones/emotions from the physical activity. Some people feel better and happy after they work out, I'm sure you've heard of the "runner's high", etc., so if that happens, it seems logical the other might happen, too.

    - Josie
    2938 days ago
    Long time no see...all you can do is keep on sparking!!! Ask others in a thread on the DONE team and I am sure you will find more like you... Know why it makes me mad-- Because it was like a punishment to me and I was forced to do exercises.. but I try to be happy rep at a time!
    2938 days ago
    Angry! that's how I felt when I got home today, but I did my Walk Away The Pounds 2 mile video and felt a lot better afterward... I did almost shut the door in hubbie's face when He came down but he saw I was exercising and walked away!
    2938 days ago
    What gym to you work out at...I'm stayin away!!

    Have a great day!
    2938 days ago
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