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Why do I use 1 teaspoon of heavy whipping cream??

Monday, February 22, 2010

One of my girlfriends checks my Fitness Tracker daily - she says it motivates her and that I am killing her. Now that I know what she is doing, she might just kill me too!

Anyway, she asked, "what's with the teaspoon of heavy whipping cream I keep seeing in your Nutrition Tracker?"

Long story short - I use it in my coffee.

I cannot use milk, it always has tasted sour to me.

I can only use non-dairy creamers for a short time as they contain soy and it too starts to bother my stomach.

I was given 4 quarts of heavy whipping cream before Christmas and I experimented with it, trying it in my coffee one day. Low and behold, no sour taste and no more stomach ache!!
(I since tried half & half but it tasted sour to me, too much milk in it I guess.)

Through trial and error, I discovered that 1 tsp is all I need per cup! And I also found out I like my coffee diluted by almost half! Now I brew mine with less coffee and found I don't have to use the extra sweetening of the non-dairy creamer with it! One sweet'n'low and 1 tsp heavy cream and I can have 2 cups a day with no stomach problems!

So now for anyone else wondering - the mystery of the heavy whipping cream is solved!

FYI, half & half makes a really tasty cornbread and regular white bread! Just have to make sure you count the extra calories! emoticon
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