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Friday, February 19, 2010

I have been going through my weight loss journey for 7 months now and I am regretting not taking more time to write down the emotional aspect of it. We all know it's not easy to get up every day plan and weigh out all the food you're going to eat and resist the ever looming temptations that the day inevitability holds. There is the constant worry about getting the proper portions, correct amounts of protein, carbs and fat. Trying not to eat after a certain time and all the fun stuff that comes with trying to get healthy. Then there is the gym, hours of cardio and strength training, squats, lunges, pull ups and sit ups, pulled muscles and over all exhaustion. Back when I first started I thought this was the hard part of losing weight. What I have discovered the last several months is that the physical part is easy and simple and that it's the emotional aspects that leave me struggling and learning every day.

Everyday I wake up with a purpose. I spent so many years of my life existing and not living and I am finally changing that. It's the most amazing feeling and it also terrifies me at the same time. When I was over 300 lbs I could use my weight as a crutch from everyday life. If anything went wrong it was because I was fat, if someone didn't like me it was because I was fat, or if I wasn't happy it was because I was fat. Now that I am stripping the layers away it's forcing me to look at who I really am and what I want out of life. There are things I never even dreamed of obtaining before and now they are getting closer to being reached. Knowing you can do anything with your life is just as exciting as it is scary.

I am going to attempt to blog about the different things I am going through because every day there are new emotions, fears, and excitement that I am experiencing. I am sure anyone who has lost weight, especially a large amount, can definitely relate.
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  • JHUNTER0624
    You are such an inspiration...I hope that you are still working at your goals since its been a while since you posted.

    You look great and are a wonderful inspiration!
    2224 days ago
    You are a real inspiration! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You were my much needed motivation this morning.

    Would you mind sharing your average food day? I love the idea of clean eating.

    Keep blogging!

    2378 days ago

    Thank you for writing your blog. You look fantastic and only 7lbs away from your goal!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2519 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/27/2011 11:08:42 AM
    Wow, I couldn't have said it better. Most of my problems came from emotional eating and I'm still on my way to controlling the demon. It's comforting to know and understand those that have been down the same road and had similar experiences. Thank you for shaing and I look forward to hearing more from you as you continue on your journey.
    Here's looking ahead with NO FEAR!!
    2556 days ago
    You are soo right about everything you said. Your words are so encouraging and inspirational. At this time I so needed to hear that. I wish you well on your journey and look forward to reading more of you blogs!
    2562 days ago
    Like everyone else has said, you are an amazing, gorgeous, genuine, inspiring person! I can totally relate to every word of this blog post. Keep up the good work, it was worth it!
    2597 days ago
    Amazing blog! The 2nd paragraph was on couldn't have said it any better! Congratulations on your incredible accomplishment! emoticon
    2604 days ago
    I wish you could hear the ridiculous amount of large applause I gave you after readying your second paragraph. Thank you for this post.
    2667 days ago
    I wish you could hear the ridiculous amount of large applause I gave you after readying your second paragraph. Thank you for this post.
    2667 days ago
    Yes i know what you mean i still have 50 lbs of security blanket to lose, thank you so much for sharing. The mental aspect is the biggest block for a lot of us to get through and over to achieve true and lasting weight loss. Keep up the awesome work :o) emoticon
    2693 days ago
    Your page is really inspiring. Congratulations on what you have accomplished.
    2775 days ago
    Oh, how I know what you mean! I actually have just gotten heavy over the past few years as my age has caught up with me, but I have been hiding behind food for years. Lately I've been able to hide behind both the weight and the food. How scary to let them both go! And how great of you to be ready to explore it, because it must be a crucial part of really getting healthy for good!

    Congrats on the success you've had to far. You look great!
    2837 days ago
  • SONG7:10
    Love your willingness to open up your heart!! Keep it up - you look AMAZING! :)
    2837 days ago
    Love your blog. I definitely relate to you. The emotional aspect is the most difficult part of our journey. Once I reach my goal, I would like to be able to read through everything I went through. I think this will help me appreciate what I have been through and encourage me to continue my lifelong journey. Great work girl. You are awesome and inspirational. You can do anything you set your mind to. Congrats on 85 pounds. That is such a wonderful accomplishment.

    2916 days ago
    Amazing blog! You are amazing, and I love what this journey has given you!
    2918 days ago
    Thank you so much for the comments :)
    2918 days ago
    Congratulations! You're doing a super job! Keep up the good work! Yes, it's all about balance, but as you said, balancing food and exercise is easier than balancing your emotions. Clearly food and exercise can be measured and adjusted and if you do it right you and everybody else can see your progress. I found that if I have those two under control, more energy and a better attitude/outlook are positive side effects. Enjoy your journey. -- Kricket/CA
    2919 days ago
    Way to go!
    2920 days ago
    Girllll, preach it! I felt the same way when I was over 300 pounds. I wasn't even living, just existing. I wish I had done the same, which is why I started blogging on here. It has been a rough road, and I've had many an emotional breakdown along the way that has shaped who I am today (happily!) emoticon
    2920 days ago
    I know what you mean the weight really is a security blanket sometimes....
    2920 days ago
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