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Happy Valentines day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

well i gotta tell you...i woke up yesterday not feeling well. my fever shot up to 101 last night and this morning, and i couldnt swallow. so kev took me in to ugentcare..something i have never used before and probably never will again. 3 hours later..yeah you read that right..i went in there were 4 people ahead of me. 4. and it took 3 hours. i knew kev needed to get to the store so when i thought it would be an hour i told him to go shopping then i wouldnt have to sit in the car sick while he got groceries. so he gets back and had to sit 2 hours himself. he said...i bought you vanilla ice cream i thought it would feel good on your throat. he was right...anyhow. we go to the pharmacy to get the meds for strep, get home, hes unloading the truck. and comes in with red roses....
said..well i saw them in the checkout and thought, well its valentines day and you feel lousy. so i wanted you to smile. (it worked)
and more good news. i was so discouraged...seemed like whatever i did wasnt working. so I talked to my friend Alison who is doing so super well with her losing, and she gave me a couple hints. I started doing things her way tuesday. got on the scale i had gained a pound and a quarter but thats not unusual..good reason to stay off the scale except one day a week!!
well today is my weigh in in 5 days i lost 5pounds...HOLY COW!!! i wont get on again until probably next tues as we will be away for the weekend for my moms 80th birthday. it may be a rogh week this next i am restricted to popsicles and ice cream and anything cold and liquid but not acidy --according to the PA i saw today. No stomach trouble, just this strep thing and it is hard to swallow but hopefully that will ber better really soon.
hope everyone is having a great day!! i'm going back to bed...
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