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Planning is key on this journey to a healthier you...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I guess my early learning as a Girl Scout, "Be Prepared" covers so many areas in life. It certainly comes into play in my journey as a healthier me. I always have back up meals in my freezer for when I am too busy working on a project at work and exhausted by the end of the day to cook. I now just go to my freezer and take a looksee for what is for dinner. No more calling the local pizza place for delivery or visiting the drive thru of my old friend Mickie D.

I shoveled I kid you not 4 times during yesterday's blizzard. I did it very gingerly because my back is killing me. I woke up this morning and I looked out my window and I am scratching my head saying why did I bother? There is so much new snow out there and the last time I shoveled was 8:15 PM. The snow plows came through 3 times yesterday and I live on a side street. Well, one good thing is that I did was I got rid of any ice underneath all this new snow from what I did yesterday. That is one way planning is going to help me out for today's mess.

As you know from previous blogs my driveway is 75 feet long. I did not shovel last Saturday's snow storm remains and I am not shoveling this snow storm's remains. I will not shovel the upcoming Monday's snow storm remains. I think it will take a couple of weeks no exaggeration about 2 weeks for me to be able to drive through the snow to get out. It is the bottom of my driveway that will be the problem. I have boulders down there from the snow plow. My bad back and ice bergs or boulders do not mix.

However, I am prepared as far as having a stocked pantry. I have plenty of dried beans, canned beans, canned tomatoes, whole grains and pastas, always have onions, carrots, and celery in fridge, frozen veggies in the freezer, citrus, apples, and bananas in the fridge, and an arsenal of spices. I am good to go. The fresh produce is dwindling down but that is OK I will survive because I have enough of the other stuff to keep me satisfied for well over a month. I don't eat bread, drink milk, or eat eggs so I am never part of that mad rush to the grocery store that everyone panics over. ( It wouldn't do me any good if I was because I am going no place with my car for quite some time)

I have learned the best way for me to stay on my healthier way of eating is to have a well stocked pantry for emergencies. I stock up for the times I work late or have foods in the house that are good for me when my cravings hit so I don't blow it by buying ice cream or going for a trip thru the drive thru. I also have whole wheat pizza dough in the freezer with mozzarella cheese for when the pizza cravings hit. I now just make a healthier version, usually a white pizza with spinach. I love my frozen spinach, so many uses.

An Alberta Clipper is hitting us on Monday. The snow we have now is going no place. The frigid temperatures for the rest of the week means very little melting. The snow storm on Monday is not going to be anywhere near the magnitude of the last 2 storms within 3 days of each other but it will be more snow on top of the existing snow. Good thing Monday is a legal Holiday, unless of course it hits during the night on Monday and then Tuesday will be dealing with the repercussions.

I will not stress over this because I am prepared. Not happy with another snow storm but at least my pre-planned stocked pantry will help me weather the storm, Pun intended. Planning is key.
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    Yes we have to plan to be successful.
    2933 days ago
    You have a great plan and a good attitude. We got hit with record snows in Dallas yesterday. Things come to a screeching halt here since we are not prepared for that type of problem.

    Since joining sp in late August I have become a huge fresh spinach fan. I love it in wraps, omelettes, cooked with fire roasted tomatoes, and in salads. I'll have to try your spinach idea. It sounds good.

    Keep on sparking! Try BioFreeze for your back. I have two herniated disks so I know back pain. I buy it over the counter at a pharmacy and it's really great. Physical therapists use it and that's how I found out about it.

    Best Wishes for you! Stay warm.
    2961 days ago
    How right you are Yvonne! I bet you're counting down the days until spring. Wow, you've been hammered with snow this year, I don't remember it being that bad for YEARS! Be careful with your back, and stay inside where it's warm and toasty.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2961 days ago
    Hooray for you for being prepared! You are one smart emoticon but I know you probably don't have those in your pantry either emoticon
    I can totally relate to the fun with the snow. You keep taking care of that back!
    2962 days ago
    It's great that you are so well prepared! We got one snow storm, but it wasn't too bad - around 8-10 inches. I paid a couple of kids to shovel for me because I was just diagnosed with high blood pressure and hadn't started my medicine yet! Sounds like you'd have to hire an entire little league team to get your snow packed away! Keep warm and share with us what menu you come up with out of your pantry goods!

    Sherry emoticon
    2962 days ago
    Shall we dance???? emoticon emoticon I'm glad that you were prepared! You're one smart lady! Love ya, Dawn
    2962 days ago
    Wow that is amazing you are prepared never thought of having frozen prepared foods stashed in the freezer for those lazy days or busy work days.

    I'm definitely going to consider doing this for those emergencies or those storm days where you can't leave.

    Although we don't have snow in Cali I think even if its raining those T-Storms can do damage and still not a good thing to be out.

    I do have beans, rice, frozen veggies but I've kept my pantry free of pasta and canned tomatoes and other veggies. I might just buy more of the pastas and stewed/canned tomatoes for those emergencies as well. emoticon emoticon

    Hope all is well with you during this time and keep warm.

    2962 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/11/2010 10:18:14 PM
    Keep strong and stay warm.
    You should be alright.
    2962 days ago
    And the hits just keep on comin'! emoticon emoticon
    2962 days ago
    I was a Girl Scout as well, and they do teach you to "Be Prepared" and I took it pretty seriously! I am so glad you are not going to shovel any more snow my dear, you are just getting over you last back problem... Glad to know you've got food and are warm and safe!

    Love ya girlfriend!
    Sandra emoticon
    2962 days ago
    Yeah I haven't been planning like I should and I can tell by the lack of weight loss. I am back to planning this week.
    2962 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    being prepared should become a lifetime skill.........great that you are and hoping the weather inproves in your area......blessings and hugs...............lita
    2962 days ago
    I'll be thinking about you. I'm so glad you are stocked up!
    2962 days ago
  • -TAMI-
    Yvonne, you always amaze me...
    I have a stocked up pantry but I would be going stark raving mad by now wanting something that isn't in my house.
    Hopefully this newest storm will pass right by without letting any new flakes fall.
    Take care of your back.. emoticon
    2962 days ago
    Thank goodness you have the foresight to be prepared! Hope you aren't sliding 75 ft to get your mail! Good luck, my friend. Be safe and careful.
    2962 days ago
    You ARE prepared. Here's hoping you don't lose your electricity. Of course you could always put your food outside and keep it frozen. Sounds like what we do when we are anticipating a visit from a hurricane here in North West Florida. The weatherman is predicting snow for us if you can believe that and there is talk of closing the schools. If we get snow, it won't be very much and it never stays so there wont' be any shoveling. I scheduled hair cuts for me and my mom-in-law for tomorrow afternoon. Not a swell day for that but we are desperate. Keep warm.
    2962 days ago
    Wow, I sure hope that Monday storm is not coming this way as well. We officially have more snow than ever before in the month of February. And it's only the 10th!

    I am glad you are so well prepared. My DD went to the grocery store last night and the shelves were pretty much empty. They are not getting deliveries either.
    2962 days ago
  • LIZAP11
    Wow, good thing you are prepared!
    Good luck to you!
    2962 days ago
    WOW AND I THOUGHT I HAD IT BAD. you hang in there i can't remember but do you live alone? hope you have a lot of old movies to watch lol you are one prepared lady wish i was there to keep you company. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2962 days ago
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