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My Bucket List re our challenge

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

1. Retire and take up the mission that has been laid upon my heart full-time.
2. Learn to speak Spanish fluently.
3. See my children settled with spirit filled life partners.
4. Live long enough to dance at my youngest grandchild's wedding.
5. To have lived my life with purpose and fullfillment.
6. To meet face to face with the one person that I feel I owe a huge apology to and to apologize.
7. To be entirely debt-free. ( In other words have our mortgage paid off)
8. To attend a workshop by Esther and Jerry Hicks.
9. To get a tattoo that holds meaning.
10. To have a Zen garden.
11. To become a gardener with a green thumb!
12. Learn to have as great a sense of humour as my husband.
13. To keep my mind active and alert as I continue to age.
14. To sit in the Red Wood Forest and just enjoy the moment.
15. To be more connected to the earth.
16. To learn sign language.
17. To continue to develop and use my intuitive side.
18. To always sing, regardless of what others might think.
19. To celebrate with Marla as she gets her new kidney.
20.To meet all of the wonderful Positive Bloggers team members.
21. To let go of all unnecessary trappings in my life...in other words to let go of what no longer serves me.
22. Spend more time together with my husband.
23. To learn to receive without feeling guilty.
24. To have a laptop computer so that I can stay in touch no matter where I am.
25. To smile at someone everyday, not only to brighten my day, but hopefully brighten theirs.
26. To have a spiritual center in my home, a special place to meditate and become centered each day. A place set aside just for this.
27. To have a solarium/conservatory in my home.
28. To teach others about the importance of Choices.
29. To be a good listener.
30. To have empathy for others, not judgement.
31. To take what ever life gives me and find the positiveness in it.
32. To once again cruise the Panama Canal.
33. To travel through the Scandanavian countries.
34. To see and touch one of the Crystal skulls.
35. To live in a houseboat.
36. To remember always that I am a work in progress, continually evolving and learning.
37. To buy a dress that I look fantastic in and feel comfortable wearing. ( I haven't worn a dress in years)
38. To set a goal everyday and strive to meet it.
39. To not beat myself up if I don't reach the goal that day, tomorrow is a new day.
40. To embrace change.
41. To continue to have a yearly Girls only weekend with my daughters and one day future daughter in law.
42.To have a wonderful relationship with my children's spouses and children.
43. Learn that it's okay to say "no", to not overload myself.
44. Ask questions more often, don't assume.
45. To make a positive difference as a consumer.
46. Don't save things for a special occasion, make each day a special occasion.
47. Have neighbors that are a blessing to live next door to, but be okay with the ones we have!.
48. Plant a tree outside my front door that is a "troubles tree". A place to hang your troubles before entering the home.
49. Have a red front door.
50. To always be accepting of others beliefs, they have their own spiritual path to walk and their own lessons to learn. This does not mean condoning bad behavior.
51. Remember that to change anything, it has to start from within.
52. To visit San Diego.
53. To have a family reunion.
54. To create a home that others feel at peace and at home in.
55. To be a positive role model.
56. Volunteer at a hospice.
57. Volunteer at a neo-natal hospital as a "rocker".
58. Always have room at our table for one more and trust that there will be enough.
59. To learn to play a musical instrument.
60. Take all our pictures and organize them (This could take a lifetime!)
61. Make an "intention" board and hang it up.
62. Attend a "choices" workshop.
63. Help to make a dream come true for someone.
64. Attend a spiritual retreat.
65. Go door to door singing Christmas Carols.
66. Do more spontaneous things.
67. Make my own bread once again.
68. Fill a Christmas stocking for someone in need.
69. Become known as the Grandma that is willing to try new things, even if they are outside my comfort zone.
70. Write letters more often, even if they are on the computer.
71. Trust...others may let me down, but God never does.
72. Learn to speak Ukrainian better so I can carry on a conversation with my husbands relatives.
73. Find the answer to how my fathers parents met.
74. Have a picnic indoors in the middle of winter.
75. Grow tomatoes successfully.
76. Never stop learning and growing spiritually.
77. Visit Iceland and Greenland.
78. Live by the ocean.
79. Swim with the dolphins.
80. Walk the great wall of China.
81. Have a Feng Shui Master come in to my home and assist me with placements.
82. Travel across Canada, then down through all the states.
83. To continue to live a life free of medications.
84. Read always.
85. Visit Wisconsin and see all the places my Dad's family live and are buried.
86. Live where I can hang my washing out on a clothesline to dry.
87. Go White Water rafting.
88. Be happy with who I am and who I am becoming.
89. Fill the photo frame that Quin gave me.
90. Play games more.
91. Take a salsa exercise class.
92. Take the time each day to appreciate all that I have been blessed with.
93. Use my "angel Cards"more faithfully.
94. Be a positive ripple creator in my world.
95. New flooring in my living room and dining room.
96. Meet all my cousins.
97. Take a vacation with friends.
98. Eliminate all the excess weight.
99. Journal.
100. Finish this list, check in in about 6 months and see what I can cross off as accomplished!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for sharing this. I don't know how you got it finished so quickly!! Awesome stuff. I knew you'd have a lot relating to your family.

    2899 days ago
  • KARENE10
    What an awesome list! Inspires me to write one~ We have a red door:)
    2899 days ago
    Wow, great list! Also, gave me a chance to learn more about you. Thank you. I love the idea of checking back and reviewing it in 6 months.

    I am going to think of my 100 (need to spend time free thinking about that). Very inspiring!
    2900 days ago
    Love the thought you put into that. First step in fulfilling a "Bucket List" is to create one in the first place.

    Way to go ... Deb
    2900 days ago
    This is a FANTASTIC list! So many things inspired me that there are too many to count! I'm so happy to hear you've cruised the Panama canal--I've always wanted to visit more places in Latin America (I spent a summer in Mexico in 2007 and it was amazing.) I hope you get your Zen garden -- and red door. And if you ever want to practice your Spanish, let me know! I majored in Spanish literature as an undergrad.
    2900 days ago
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